At night, they lay in bed together and looked at each other’s old faces.
Over the years, Wang Xuan and Zhao Qinghan have been growing old together.
“Can we meet again in the next life?” Zhao Qinghan felt that his life seemed to be at an end. If he fell asleep this time, he might never wake up again.
“When you wake up again, you will see me, staying by your side.” Wang Xuan lay side by side with her on the bed, caressing her face, which was no longer young or in its prime.
Late at night, Zhao Qinghan was silent, as if he had fallen into the deepest sleep.
Wang Xuan opened his eyes and sat up silently. He gently took one of her hands and stroked her face, as if he was afraid of waking her up. He whispered: “No matter how many years pass, I will come back.” , find you, be by your side!”
He got up and left. That night, he came to the residences of Wang Ye, Wang Xin and Wang Hui successively and watched them quietly.
The three children seemed to have telepathy. When he appeared that night, they all woke up separately.
“Dad! Mom, is she gone!?” Wang Ye sat up.
The same goes for another place.
“Dad, I miss my mother!” Wang Xin found Wang Xuan standing in front of the bed. She was crying like a child, with tears rolling down her face.
Elsewhere, Wang Hui also sat up, saw his father, and shouted: “Dad, where is my mother?!”
/Wang Xuan remained silent and left his three children to sleep again.
He walked alone under the moonlight at night outside An City and came to the countryside. The washed super matter reappeared in his body and began to transpire, surge, and explode!
Finally, he rose into the sky, shot straight into the sky, came to outer space, and then crossed far away. Countless thunder and lightning struck down, and he was bathed in lightning, and he passed through the great catastrophe.
In the endless thunder, he seemed to be roaring, looking up at the sky, letting his skin and flesh burst open, and his white hair flew away, until finally his flesh and blood were blurred, his whole body was charred, and his body was penetrated.
Until later, his body was riddled with holes, and lightning was like a knife, constantly cutting and piercing him, but it could never kill him.
The Great Heavenly Tribulation, which was even more terrifying than the Immortal Tribulation, kept hitting him and drowned him. He did not escape and endured the endless Heavenly Tribulation thunder and lightning.
Until finally, his body began to heal itself, and the great calamity could not destroy him. Super matter gradually began to transpire in his flesh and blood, and in his soul.
He shed a layer of old skin, his white hair disappeared, and his crystal black hair grew rapidly. His flesh and blood was reshaping, and he returned to the youthful and vigorous state of about twenty years old.
At this moment, his eyes were no longer cloudy, and when he opened and closed them, it was as if lightning was flying out, bright and bright.
Wang Xuan no longer deliberately aged himself and returned to his peak state.
Then, he went t