Because Yun Zhongzi talked nonsense and caused King Zhou to be a good person without conscience, now it is all gone.
Your brothers treat you as brothers and share their hearts and souls with you. It’s better for you. You really plan to treat your brothers’ hearts and souls with you.
In this case, it’s okay if this brother doesn’t do it!
“Yun Zhongzi, the master’s spiritual talisman is here, why don’t you come out quickly and be punished.” Master Huanglong knocked on the door and shouted.
Master Huanglong has no disciples, and if he joins in the excitement, he will be unlucky. Yun Zhongzi does owe him a lot of karma, and there is also the element of loyalty.
Master Taiyi sincerely invited him, saying that he had to take charge of the overall situation. He was full of good words, and even Guangchengzi nodded in agreement. Hearing his blood boiling, he felt his heart filled with pride, and he readily accepted the important task of calling the door.
Yun Zhongzi had a sad face in the cave. Since he returned from Chaoge, he knew that he had made a big mistake, so he stayed behind closed doors. He was worried all day long and never dared to go out for a walk again.
Yun Zhongzi couldn’t have any fun and got himself blamed. Not to mention how miserable Yun Zhongzi was these days.
/On the side, Lei Zhenzi saw that his master was not listening to what was going on outside the cave, and his legs were shaking because of his concentration. He couldn’t help but said: “Master, if you don’t answer the door, they will come in.”
“Shut up, don’t talk, just act like no one is home.”
At this time, Lei Zhenzi was only seven years old. He did not eat genetically modified fruits indiscriminately. He was still a little Taoist boy who looked very cute.
After listening to his master’s words, he held his breath and did not dare to gasp loudly.
Finally, there was a loud bang and the two cave doors were broken, making both master and disciple tremble.
“Yun Zhongzi, how long are you going to hide?”
“That’s all. It’s just Pindao’s whim that caused his fellow disciples to be unable to escape. This difficulty is all his own fault.”
With a sad face, Yun Zhongzi led his disciple Lei Zhenzi out of the cave, looked at the imposing Huanglong Master, and then at the expressionless Guang Chengzi and others, and bowed deeply with his hands.
“After seeing all of you senior fellow apprentices, Yun Zhongzi feels guilty and really has no face to see others.”
The expressions of several people remained unchanged, and they were still cold and ruthless. Master Huanglong spoke up and scolded: “Yun Zhongzi, tell me, what did you do seven years ago? Why did you go to Chaoge to wake up King Zhou and harm his relatives?” I am a villain, do you love your true wife and avoid evil spirits?”
“Isn’t this a good thing?”
Lei Zhenzi blinked and spoke subconsciously.
There was silence, no one spoke.
“Adults speak, children don’t interrupt.”
Yun Zhongzi raised his hand and patted Lei Zhenzi’s little head, and asked him to wai