“Fairy Zhuo, the misunderstandings in the past are like the wind under the starry sky blowing through the fog in the sea. They are all blown away with a breath.” Wang Xuan came over, and with a ding, he took the initiative to have a real drink with her.
Moreover, he opened his mouth and blew, and all the remaining mist on the sea surface dispersed. The sea and sky were the same color, and the stars reflected in the sky were exceptionally brilliant.
/Zhuo Yanran was extremely conflicted in her heart. She actually wanted to punch this person, but in the end she clinked glasses and had to drink wine together in this night. She really didn’t expect it.
After drinking the wine from the jade cup, she realized that those black girlfriends knew that she was drinking with Lu Renjia tonight, and she didn’t know how to spread the word.
“Come here quickly, there are sea god shells. The taste is very delicious. Once you eat one, you will want to stay in the sea forever and don’t want to leave. Although the efficacy of the medicine is not high, it is the best delicacy in the world, even surpassing the world and the otherworldly. Everybody loves to eat.”
Xuantian shouted. He stood on the cliff at the edge of the island and directly caught a luminous seashell. It was as big as a millstone and flowed with soft light like the bright moonlight.
“This sea area also produces a rare species of dragon crab. The crab roe is extremely plump, and it’s perfect for drinking. Come on, look, I’ve caught one.”
Jin Yu brought up a golden crab as big as a round table, which actually had dragon scales. After cleaning, it was roasted on the spot with real fire. After opening the crab shell, the brilliant crab roe inside bloomed with golden light, and the fragrance was fragrant, which immediately induced a feeling of excitement. human appetite.
Soon, the aroma of wine here was fragrant. They kept fishing, processing delicacies, and drinking Xianjia wine slurry. They had a great time.
Even though Lu, who was not very talkative, could not help it, this pure practitioner also took the initiative to raise a glass, let go of his mind tonight, and took a swig.
Today, Zhuo Yanran restrained her impulse and did not dare to duel with Wang Xuan, but she was a little depressed after all. She could only dance her sword under the night sky while drinking wine. In an instant, the sword light was thirty thousand meters high. She did not use any force and fought with Xingyue. Hui, a veritable fairy dancing.
She stabbed the fairy sword at the distant stars, pretending to be Lu Renjia, and secretly let out a sigh of relief.
Suddenly, people even in the nearby sea area paid attention and applauded. The sword light here was gorgeous and the dance was so moving.
In the deep sea, the sirens sing songs, which are melodious and melodious. Of course, they are also a bit sad. They can easily evoke people’s emotions and worries, whi