Wang Xuan was also speechless. This hawker in the realm of leisurely travel was very courageous if he dared to buy from that petty old black and white bear.
“Let’s have a bunch.” Wang Xuan said, realizing that the other party was a local native and his cultivation was not high. He could find out some information quietly.
He used mental hypnosis and inducement to find out that the vendor actually didn’t lie. The old alien Black Bear had really been to this city and eaten the local candied haws.
Wang Xuan was slightly surprised and passed over it, and quickly “communicated” with him secretly to get to know Gao Laozhuang.
This Zhuangzi is outside the city, and Gao Yuan is a heaven-level Dzogchen master who can become a super master at any time.
/In addition, this Zhuangzi should have been built decades ago. In Lingxiuxing, where every inch of land is precious, there is a manor outside Liuhua City, the largest city. It is really a reflection of the family’s very strong wealth.
Wang Xuan calculated that it has been 202 years since Fang Yuzhu, Lao Zhang, and Jiang Qingyao crossed the sea.
Wang Xuan gnawed on the big hawthorn grown from the 30,000-year-old tree. His thoughts were flying. Time passed. It had been a long time. He had been separated from those people for a hundred or two hundred years. He hoped to meet an acquaintance here.
Alone as a stranger in a foreign land, he longed to get together with old friends, raise a glass under the moonlight, and talk about past friendships.
Wang Xuan walked on the street, buying some small items from time to time, “communicating” with the local low-level extraordinary people, and gradually sketched out the appearance of Gao Laozhuang.
/Zhu Bajie, this person appeared recently and lives in Gaolaozhuang.
He lives in seclusion and is rarely seen by many people. He mainly leaves messages on a very famous real immortal forum, saying that he wants to challenge Sun Wukong and promises that he can defeat him.
Wang Xuan was startled. He had never paid attention to this kind of forum.
He checked it specifically and saw the original post. Based on his feeling, he thought it might be someone from the mother universe. There was something familiar in the words.
In particular, the other party left a poem at the end and wrote: I will be at the top of the mountain, and I can see all the mountains and small mountains.
Zhu Bajie was very crazy, as if he was attacking Sun Wukong and climbing to the top of the mountain. However, this undoubtedly sent a more accurate signal to Wang Xuan, that he must be a person from the mother universe.
In the evening, the sunset glows, and the whole city is bathed in the red afterglow.
Liuhua City is very large. After Wang Xuan was sure that he was an old friend, he felt more relaxed and began to visit this huge city seriously. Soon he entered the famous Sutra Collection Hall.
It is said that this organization is very large and has businesses in many star fields, selling various rare books.
The Sutra Collection Hall in L