It is even possible that David will pay a heavy price, because among his six fifth-level Templars, two fifth-level Templars do not have energy clones, plus the resurrected fifth-level Templars Part of his combat power has been lost. In one-on-one combat, there is still a gap between him and the slightly stronger fifth-level Templars.
David did not believe that the fifth-level Templar Knights sent by the top nobles would be weak in combat power. In the divine world, knights can be divided into two types based on inheritance, ordinary noble knights and top noble knights.
Ordinary noble knights are not only inferior in training resources, but also weaker in knight inheritance.
On the other hand, the top noble knights enjoy the best training resources and have the strongest bloodline power. In terms of knight inheritance, they not only have the knight inheritance of their own family, but also have a large number of top knight inheritances for reference.
Therefore, the combat power of top noble knights is far better than that of ordinary noble knights. This is a basic difference.
“Don’t fight forcefully!” David made a decision in his heart.
He immediately activated the innate ability of the ‘Thunder Light Body’ and merged a bolt of lightning from the ‘Lightning Pattern’. With his authority over the ‘Star Sky Ship’, he let the door open a little, and the lightning he transformed came from The hatch flew out.
/At this time, the six fifth-level Templar Knights were detouring ahead, preparing to intercept the ‘Starry Sky Ship’. Because the distance was very far, no one noticed this insignificant flash of lightning.
/David chose the ‘Starry Sky Ship’ just to find out the details of the six fifth-level Templars, and then find an opportunity to see if he could attack them.
“Someone is blocking the route ahead!” a crew member reported to Captain Norbert.
“Show your identity and project the mark of the Supreme Council!” Captain Norbert ordered in a deep voice.
Captain Norbert is not worried. Although this airspace belongs to a place of chaos, this ‘Star Spaceship’ belongs to the Supreme Council. Anyone who wants to attack this ‘Star Spaceship’ must consider the serious consequences.
Of course, what reassures Captain Norbert the most is not this, but that Duke Arthur has such a powerful presence on the Starship, so he has nothing to worry about.
Just as Captain Norbert was thinking about it, a terrifying aura swept across the ‘Starry Sky Ship’, causing his blood to almost stop flowing and his heart to feel cold.
“Fifth level Templar!” Captain Norbert shouted secretly in his heart.
After knowing that a fifth-level Templar was blocking the road, Captain Norbert understood that what he was facing was not a simple interception, but a premeditated and planned attack.
Of course, this attack cannot be aimed at him or the Starsh