“Soon after, the two higher spiritual worlds will blend and collide while moving, revealing some traces in the real world.” Huang Kun informed of this situation.
“With the blending of higher spiritual worlds, there is a high probability that heavenly medicine will appear and appear in this world. If you seize the opportunity, you may be able to pick it!”
Can you predict the appearance of the heavenly medicine? Wang Xuan felt that Immortal’s method was too powerful, after all, the opponent was just a fragmented spiritual body.
Huang Kun shook his head and said: “Don’t overestimate me. This is calculated by the peerless immortals behind the scenes. In fact, this time the two higher spiritual worlds meet, the strong ones behind the scenes will be the first to get the chance. If they pick Until then, the heavenly medicine will appear in this world for an instant.”
He admitted that it is not extremely difficult for the peerless beings behind the scenes to deliver certain news to the living world.
Wang Xuan was helpless and said: “What can I do if the heavenly elixir cannot be picked by the immortals?”
Huang Kun said: “There is a great chance, because there are rare divine objects in this world. Things that could not be brought behind the scenes back then can be used to harvest heavenly medicine.”
/He sighed again: “There are really many rare treasures in the world today. Unfortunately, they are not very friendly to the broken souls. There are murderous intentions everywhere.”
Having said this, he stood up and took out a stone box from the wall of the ancestral temple. After opening it, there was a ball of silk thread inside, which was crystal clear and only two meters long.
“What is this?” Wang Xuan asked with a strange expression.
“This is the thread left by the promise keeper before his death. It can be used to fish in the spiritual world. This material is extremely precious. Even the famous fairy rope for binding exotic treasures is made of this material.”
Wang Xuan was on guard. This thing was not really a fairy rope. It would be dangerous to tie him down. He secretly prepared a dagger. If something went wrong, he would kill him.
“Of course, the most important fishing hook is still missing. It can catch the products of the spiritual world, which are quite precious.” Huang Kun showed a look of yearning.
He told Wang Xuan that the super-conglomerate Zhong family had a fishing hook, which was left behind after the death of a promise-keeper 1,800 years ago.
He smiled bitterly and said: “I really want to take the fishing hook away directly, but there is something strange there. There is a gray pool, which looks very much like the legendary pool of rebirth. It is said that it can send souls to rebirth, but only ghosts know that it is People sent it away, but they still ate it!”
Huang Kun had no choice but to say: “Even if I get that hook, I don’t dare to try to touch the higher spiritual world easily, because there will be spiritual fire falling down, which is quite terrifying, and it w