There is no doubt that Wang Xuan’s attack was too violent and sudden. The treasures revived in a hurry and could not effectively block its attack.
However, they do take away some of the power of the iron rod.
Wang Xuan was wary. If most of the texture on the iron rod was cut off, would it still have the desired effect?
/He felt something was wrong.
In an instant, the power of his soul boiled. This was based on a large explosion, triggering the supernatural induction, and his own state rose sharply, making him much stronger than normal.
In this universe, it was extremely rare for him to use his trump card. He transcended himself for less than a second, and the texture of the royal path became richer in an instant.
“Take a stick from my old grandson!” In the blink of an eye, he certainly couldn’t shout such words in his mouth, not so fast. This is the resonance, blessing, and supernatural resonance of the spiritual realm.
Among Ling Qingxuan’s shiny black hair, those golden steps and tassels, various ornaments exploded almost at the same time, and were shattered by the iron rod with the black light exploding.
/She was scolding, it was a supreme magic from the soul, her physical body moved slowly, and she used her spiritual realm to intervene in reality to block the blow.
The last thing hidden in her hair, which was shining like stars, burst into pieces, and the big iron rod fell between her hair.
Her soul light boiled, her spiritual realm expanded, and after the iron rod broke through with the texture of the royal road, she was indeed seriously affected, but it did not change the trend.
The sound was so astonishing, like thunder tearing apart the sky, it resounded throughout the human world, and the movement was too frightening.
Ling Qingxuan, a noble girl from a foreign land, had black eyes, severe pain in her head, and broken black hair, falling to the ground in a flurry, and then burned.
Her protective runes, imperial textures, mental intervention, etc. all worked. Otherwise, the strongest blow from Wang Xuan’s super divine sense would have shattered her head no matter how strong she was.
Now, the runes on her head dimmed, her spiritual energy field spread out, her parietal bones were torn apart, and bright red blood flowed out.
Ling Qingxuan suffered a heavy blow, and her skull had many cracks, but they did not worsen. In fact, the cracks were closed on the spot by her using the True Saint Technique.
The most important thing is that a ray of divine glow evaporated from his body, stabilizing the parietal bone and preventing it from getting worse. A mysterious rule worked.
Her body staggered, and although her head did not explode, her soul was almost dispersed when she intervened in reality and resisted the terrifying blow of the iron rod’s texture, making her a little dazed.
With her as the center, thousands of divine lights intertwined with dazzling runes,