Of course, during this process, he naturally had to take action, use his fishing hook, and rely on his extraordinary skills to win the opponent first by attacking first.
Sparks flew everywhere, and his fishing hook knocked away one of the opponent’s fishing hooks, and then flew towards Wang Xuan violently again. However, when he got close, he was blocked by a large dark shield.
In fact, the mental impact of the man in black was also being released, but it was also blocked by the big black shield!
This large shield is a treasure refined by Yiren Xitian, and its natural defense power is amazing.
/However, the man in black’s fishing hook was indeed extraordinary. It swung again and flew towards Wang Xuan again.
But it’s a bit late at this time.
After Wang Xuan was knocked away by a fishing hook, there were four more cold lights, all flying towards the target.
Puff puff puff puff!
None of the four big sharp hooks penetrated the flesh and blood of this peerless man in a black coat. The pain was unbearable and his face was distorted.
/However, in an instant, his hair stood on end, his body trembled, and his chest exploded. The demon king Kong Xuan opposite held a big bow and fired an arrow at him.
The man in black was impaled by a big bright hook. He couldn’t break free at all. His whole body was covered in blood. The fishhook as thick as his arm locked him.
At this moment, he finally felt the pain of Demon King Kong Xuan. This experience was really unbearable. His face was distorted and he was shaking uncontrollably.
The most important thing is that his soul has been pierced and imprisoned in his broken body, and now he can’t escape at all.
There was a pop, and extraordinary blood spattered everywhere, making the huge metal chamber a bright red and extremely sad. The walls were covered with blood stains.
The man in black’s coat was made of black spider skin and had amazing defensive power, but it still wasn’t enough. He was pierced and shot, and this time most of his body was gone.
The four sharp fishing hooks on his body did not let go, but pierced into the remaining flesh and soul, nailing him firmly to the void.
“Ah” he screamed miserably, but he couldn’t make a sound. He was imprisoned and could only scream in his heart.
Wang Xuan waited for too long to fight back. He originally had no interaction with these people, but he was attacked at night and silently fished away by strangers’ fishing gear.
Although the time was not very long, he experienced the pain of a broken spine and a broken heart, which was very tragic.
At that moment, he was unable to move. He was lifted up and slammed against the wall and ground of the metal chamber. His blood stains still remain on the walls and ground here.
After all, the other party was a super master. He thought it would be better to directly cripple him and then concoct him.
Such a thick arrow with dazzling light hit the man in black