“What did it look like to you earlier?” Jiang Qingyao asked.
“It seems to be a piece of metal fragment, heavy, cold, hard and heavy on the hand.” Wang Xuan said, he once squeezed a handful in the soil, it was as strong as his original immortal body, and it hurt.
“It should be something extraordinary.” The strange mobile phone object was filled with heavy fog and flooded the place, and he said: “This flower pot should be a real antique. Although it is not a prohibited item, it has a lot of background.”
“What’s the origin?” Wang Xuan asked.
On the screen of the strange mobile phone, various pictures flowed past at high speed, and then settled on a dim photo, which was a broken universe stained with blood.
“Some impressions, finally found out.”
Apparently, it found clues by looking through history and looking at images that had been captured.
“In a certain era, the extraordinary center changed. When the old universe came to an end, a certain supreme dojo collapsed and the true saint fell. I have seen this earthen basin.”
It cleared away the fog of that period, sorted out the messy clues, and found out what it was.
“It is suspected to be something from the Old Saint period. It has gone through countless catastrophes, accidentally moved with the extraordinary center many times, and blended many rules of the universe, so it can be regarded as mutated. In addition, it may have been fired by the Old Saint himself, so it was a bit extraordinary back then. Now it’s even more special. At the very least, in terms of covering up the secret, it is definitely unique and extremely powerful.”
Wang Xuan and Sword Fairy looked at each other, their expressions changed.
The health stove also glowed slightly and was greatly shaken.
After the Old Saint, the extraordinary center has been transferred 17 times, and the era before this has been unable to be verified. Because the chaos that occurred when the Old Saint was destroyed was too great and too terrifying, most of the major events and records of the ancient times were cut off and disappeared.
“It’s really an antique among antiques. I guess it will be sold to the True Saint City for a good price and can be placed in their study room or on the antique shelf.” Then, Wang Xuan asked again: “It is purely used to grow flowers and plants. ?”
/The mobile phone’s strange object said: “Grow great medicine and grow your beloved flowers and plants. The flowerpots made by the old saint’s hands may look rough, but they are actually a return to nature. They have a trace of Taoism and are not ordinary.”
Then, it reminded: “It’s okay, I have already arranged it, and there should be no more Chaos Sky Thunder strikes.”
Wang Xuan’s hand went deep into the soil of the flower pot again, stirred it twice, and said in surprise: “It’s not just a piece of stuff, there’s also a lighter item at the bottom.”
/It can on