“The Lord of Dry Silence Ridge awakened from a corpse, resurrected and returned to the sun, rose up strongly, and finally became a true saint.”
The mobile phone wonders find its roots through some traces captured in the old era.
“When it was still a corpse in its early years, it was buried in Kuji Ridge, and six copper pins were inserted into its body, nailing it firmly to the ground.”
When Wang Xuan heard this, he immediately felt a sense of horror. He looked at the six bronze spears on his body and felt a little uneasy.
Obviously, the true saint of Kuji Ridge has a rather mysterious origin, and his predecessor was actually nailed by six copper drills.
“So, the problem is very serious. The six copper rods have been pierced into his body for a long time and are stained with his ‘blood of rules’. When they expand like this and directly ‘contaminate’ the target, it is the most difficult thing.”
According to the mobile phone wonders, in order to purify Wang Xuan, at least 60% of the flesh and blood and Taoism, as well as the fundamental source and spirituality must be eliminated.
The six bronze spears stained with the “blood of rules” were actually corpse nails. When they appeared, they were already entangled with him and he couldn’t sort them out.
“Fortunately, the soul has not been contaminated, and your parietal bone is indeed extraordinary. At this time, the best choice is to change your body.”
The mobile phone wonder suggested that he should go to Lu Renjia immediately and abandon the flesh and blood body in front of him.
Wang Xuan was in a daze, and it had deteriorated to this point?
However, how could he easily agree to give up his original body, unless he was in a desperate situation and had no choice at all.
As long as there is a glimmer of hope, he will not abandon his true form.
It was this original physical body that transformed into a small boat, carrying his spiritual consciousness to the world.
In his opinion, this is as important as his soul. If he abandons it, he will lose half of it.
“The true saint of Kuji Ridge is seriously underestimated. He has become a true saint in the fourth era, and his teachings are extremely profound.” The mobile phone wonders believe that its predecessor is extraordinary.
Then, it said: “I take action to purify the ‘blood of rules’, and it is very likely that the body of the six copper rods will be triggered, which will be sensed by the old zombie outside the world and appear in person.”
Wang Xuan is silent, is there really no solution?
/The mobile phone Qiwu said: “I have experience in running away. I am not afraid of him coming, but it is more troublesome to be watched by him all the time.”
Wang Xuan was resisting, and the texture of the royal path spread to his whole body, but the severe pain and weakness were constantly eroding him.
/“Another incident was discovered. Three centuries ago, a heaven-level extraordinary person with amazing talents was also attacked. He was stained with the ‘blood of