Liu Changan’s body was like snow particles blown up by a helicopter, spinning in the air and being thrown out, hitting the ice heavily. Traces of cracks spread around his landing point. He kept going backwards and hitting the ice. The broken ice blocks were piled up into mountains by his body, and finally the force of his being knocked away was relieved.
“Isn’t it interesting?” Tesla laughed like a gold coin. “Back then, I asked you to watch the nuclear explosion just to test your physical strength. It’s a pity that you didn’t dare to enter the center of the nuclear explosion with me. Now let me test your physical strength again. Try the tiny hydrogen bomb in the Eternal Cabinet. Don’t be afraid. It uses nuclear fusion caused by the explosion of metallic hydrogen. There is no radiation pollution at all. In fact, after being extremely miniaturized, it will not be as powerful. It’s just a few dozen times more powerful than ordinary Ottokin HMX explosives.”
Just as Liu Changan stood up, he saw Tesla raise his palm, and seemingly ordinary 5.8mm-sized bullets shot out like pear blossoms in a rainstorm. Before he could make any blocking action, one of them One shot had already hit his body.
/“Hahaha” Tesla watched Liu Changan’s body being blown up into the sky, while other bullets formed an overwhelming and devastating explosion effect all around, and his eyes burned with extreme excitement.
/Tesla raised her hands. She was a little surprised that Liu Changan’s body did not fragment. This was also a test of his healing ability. But when his body flew into the sky, why did it not fall down for a long time?
Tesla raised his head, and sound waves that could not be detected by human ears spread above the clouds.
This sound wave was captured by Tesla’s armor and could not be interpreted into a meaning that humans can directly understand, but some frequencies are similar to the sound waves emitted by certain social animals when they summon their own kind.
“Master Tesla, the animals in the base are rioting, they are rushing over!” The sound of gold coins came from the helicopter.
“What’s going on? Analyze it immediately.” Tesla ordered.
Then she saw some white spots and some black spots on the distant horizon.
That’s a penguin.
Antarctica has the largest number of penguins in the world, including emperor penguins, Adrien penguins, golden penguins, chinstrap penguins, king penguins, rocky penguins and flashy penguins. The total number of these penguins exceeds 100 million.
Tesla only felt that the densely packed penguins appearing on the horizon seemed to be penguins from the entire Antarctica.
These cute little animals appear so densely, moving their short legs neatly, but they have a military aura that makes people’s scalp numb, as if they are crushing the Antarctic ice cap.