He launched an attack, and this time it was still against the forces in the Holy Imperial City. “Hold back and attack” does not mean that he wants to wrong himself. He still has to kill if he should, and the prisoners who should be captured are still the same. He just observes them first, but they are not too “exceeding the outline.” That’s it.
He tore open a corner of the formation, and the Chaos Immortal Tower above his head flashed with light, suppressing a prince with a power that was unmatched by even five realms.
Then, his spiritual realm was fully opened, and the immortal light was also flowing in his physical body. The star-like divine chain surrounded his whole body and truly materialized.
/“He’s stronger than the True Immortal of Jida. He won’t be close to the legendary ultimate limit-breaking realm, right?” Youchao Jueshi whispered, frowning deeply.
The Holy Emperor didn’t appear, so he had obviously been eliminated. Now he was still suppressing a prince and four awakened city lords in such a terrifying manner, which made everyone watching feel numb.
At the very least, the younger generation has completely given up the idea of ??fighting him, and they don’t even want to face him in a siege. This kind of monster only lives in legends and cannot be seen in reality at all.
“The opponent of such a person is not at all of the same generation, or even of the same realm. In a few years, I’m afraid he will be your and my enemy!” Youchao Jueshi said seriously.
The foreigner at the Guixu Dojo even sighed: “In the next era, after the transformation of the extraordinary center, if he realizes the grand charm of different universes, he will be the opponent of foreigners like us.”
When Chao Jueshi heard this, his expression changed. At the beginning of the next era, Kong Xuan can become an alien just by changing to a new universe? !
Many people conclude based on old experience that once they offend the ultimate immortal, it is best to deal with it as soon as possible, otherwise there will be endless troubles in the future.
“Where to go!” God shouted, and took action himself, leading his troops to kill him.
People from Ember Ridge and the Mechanical Temple also came to support, and the 5 limit breakers moved together.
The Holy Imperial City originally had the largest number of people, but now that they saw the help of the Jidao True Immortal, they naturally went all out to surround Kong Xuan in the hunting ground.
In the battlefield, Wang Xuan suppressed a prince with the Chaos Immortal Tower, and used fist seals to bombard the city lords who had broken the limit 5 times, surrendering one by one!
This time, he did not rush into the fog to give people an illusion. Now he still needs to “cool down” as in the past, which will take a certain amount of time.
Wang Xuan did not rush to fight with the God of Heaven, the Lord of Ashes, and the Mechanical Saint. Instead, he avoided them and crossed the magic circle