These are his true words. He wants to carry Wang Xuan on his back, run as much as he can, satisfy the shortcomings in his heart, and pursue a feeling.
“Yes!” Wang Xuan nodded, and rode on his horse, galloping in the sea of ??stars. He also thought of all the things in his youth, and the old things that happened after he embarked on the extraordinary road.
On this day, many people saw Lu Renjia riding a Pegasus in the deep sky, and was photographed by some people.
“Outside the number, out of the number, Lu Renjia, who sang in unison with Kong Xuan and Sun Wukong, also appeared. I wonder what his current level of cultivation is and whether he has fallen behind.”
“Brother, you are behind the times. There has been news in the world for a long time that Lu Renjia is the Ultimate Limit Breaker, even more powerful than the legendary 5 Breakers.”
/Half a year later, Wang Xuan saw a secret fleet from ancient and modern times in the sea of ????stars. One of the captains was a young and beautiful woman, tall and graceful, with flowing purple hair.
She was the little girl Lele back then. She had suffered from the five debilitating diseases of heaven and human beings. Even if Wang Xuan picked some strange medicines from the secret land, they were ineffective on her.
In the end, she relied on several robots to cure her old illness.
Unfortunately, the parents of the little girl Lele died of illness. During those difficult and difficult years, even the snow-white kitten that accompanied her was lost. In the mother universe, she had no family or relatives. After the end of the extraordinary world, she also grew old. She was only accompanied by a few robots and Wang Xuan would visit her when he went to Xinxing sometimes.
And when she goes to the old land, she will definitely visit Wang Xuan.
“Uncle Wang Xuan!” The little girl in the past grew up, aged, and then regained her youth in the new universe. After seeing Wang Xuan, her eyes widened in shock, her eye circles were reddish, and tears of joy fell down.
“Okay, I feel relieved to see that everything is fine with you.” Wang Xuan nodded happily, boarded her battleship, and traveled away.
“Lele!” The mechanical bear is also very happy. Every time it meets an old friend, it will be very happy.
“Xiong Xiong, I miss my lost kitten.” Lele squatted down and picked it up. When she was sick, the kitten had been loyal to her for a long time.
/“A bear can also be a cat.” The mechanical bear is considerate and instantly transforms into a mechanical kitten.
Wang Xuan stayed briefly for two days. Seeing that the mechanical bear was very attached to Lele, he temporarily left it on the battleship and left alone.
He is practicing and traveling. He has visited the 36 heavens and the starry sky. He has traveled to many secret places in the a