When the news came out that Wang Xuan was not dead, as expected, many True Saints’ dojos couldn’t sit still and immediately sent people to the depths of hell to find out. Can people lost in the wonders of dusk come back alive?
Soon after, Wang Xuan, Lao Zhang, and Fudao Niu entered a huge city, preparing to rest here and go to settle accounts with the people in hell tomorrow.
On that day, countless troops surrounded the place, and their morale was high. There are rumors that the Holy Emperor, gods, etc. may be visiting in person!
Soon after, Fudaoniu was shocked, and Leader Zhang was also deeply shocked, because a fierce man actually broke through the Hell Legion’s blockade.
They were two men in black robes, their whole bodies covered, and the leader opened the way. He was extremely tyrannical, and 5 times the limit-breaker stepped forward to block them, and was directly slapped away by him.
The two of them fought their way into the city, finding themselves safe and sound.
After seeing the person clearly, Wang Xuan believed that the other person should indeed have this kind of strength. After all, he was the person chosen by the mobile phone.
Wu Liuji came, led by Leng Mei, and broke into the giant city.
He said: “It seems that if I don’t go to hell, you will be fine too.”
For the sake of his “nephew” Wang Xuan, he went to hell in person to save his friend Zhang Daoling and the rare mount.
The black robe covered Leng Mei’s beautiful curves. She was bolder this time and pulled Wang Xuan, who was drinking tea, to a quiet place aside. First she raised her chin reservedly, and then, her beautiful eyes flowed with brilliance, and she examined He whispered: “I am your aunt?”
/“Poof!” Wang Xuan spit out all the tea in his mouth.
Light mist rose in front of Leng Mei, but the tea still penetrated it, making part of the black robe somewhat wet, and the snow-white neck and collar were stained with water drops.
She is also a little bit defensive. What kind of broken nephew is she? It was just a question, but the reaction was so big that she was doused with tea and saliva!
She quickly cast a purification spell on herself, and the mythical factor evaporated, becoming dense with the water mist. Moreover, she took a few steps back, her tall figure swaying, her black hair raised, and she instantly became divine.
“Why do you think so?” Wang Xuan said quickly.
/He had been on guard against Wu Liuji earlier and always called him senior brother. Even if he died, he would not call him uncle, just because he was afraid of the situation like this.
In the giant city, Leng Mei’s black robe was no longer on her head, revealing her cold and charming white face. She was more calm and confident than before.
“I already know!” She walked a few steps and sat on the main seat. She was no longer aloof and showed off the temperament of the other of the two photos circulated by the outside world.
She smiled slightly, a bit seductively, and instant