“Following reinforcements will take five days at the earliest. As long as we can hold on for five days, more warships from the Federation will arrive!” Admiral Francis replied.
David knew in his heart that the aircraft carrier must sail with the huge fleet. Since the aircraft carrier cannot pass through the space portal, it can only come after a long interstellar journey from where it is stationed.
Although the Interstellar Federation has deployed multiple lines of defense close to the war zone, and many fleets are not too far away from the war zone, reinforcement operations cannot destroy the original defense mission and can only be mobilized from various reserve fleets. This also makes The time for reinforcements is greatly affected.
“I hope it’s in time!” David said solemnly.
Admiral Francis didn’t understand why Lord Arthur’s confidence was still very strong before, but now he felt a little pessimistic.
David’s mind was no longer here. His mind had already entered the soul of Harold’s Templar, watching the hand-to-hand combat in space at close range.
“The Templars release energy clones!” Speaker Gould’s command came out from the knight formation.
Due to the continuous losses of the fourth-level sky knights, the knight’s battle formation has shrunk too fast. If it continues to shrink like this, the small war temple will be exposed outside the knight’s battle formation.
All knights have accepted a concept since childhood, which is to protect the gods with their lives. No matter which god the knight believes in, the five gods are the objects of knight protection.
Letting the ugly Zerg desecrate the War Temple is something that every knight cannot accept.
After Speaker Gould issued the order, except for David’s five fifth-level Templars, the rest of the Templars summoned their energy clones.
/The energy clones of David’s five Templars had all been destroyed long ago.
As one hundred and nine level five Templars summoned one hundred and four energy clones, the power of the knights’ battle array increased greatly, and the Zerg could no longer advance even a little bit.
But no knight was happy, because the energy clone was not suitable for this kind of long-term attrition war.
The amount of fifth-level bloodline power in the energy clone is limited. Under high-intensity battle consumption, the fighting time that can be maintained will not exceed half a day at most.
Looking at the Zerg in front of us, Zerg are constantly pouring out of the space gate to join the battle. It seems that there are endless Zerg behind the space gate.
Let alone half a day, even ten more days of fighting will not affect the Zerg’s investment.
As the battle continued, when no reinforcements arrived, the knights understood that this war was a protracted war, and they did not know how long it would be protracted.
The morale of the knights is also declining slowly. No matter how much Speaker Gould and the priests encourage, the morale of the knights can only rise for a short time, and then conti