He has learned that this ancient Taoist temple is one of the ancestral temples of Taoism!
“Forget it, what if it is really Lao Zhang’s remaining spiritual energy that is sleeping here, and I’m afraid that after I release him, he will have a problem with me and beat me up?” After calling Lao Zhang for so long, he still I feel really guilty.
Of course, this is not the main reason.
He decided to go to that ancient temple because he felt that since the other party talked about cause and effect, he should return the favor this time.
/“I once released the ghost monk, which is equivalent to saving one of your Bodhisattvas. Then, I defeated the demons for you, first killed the white tiger, and then fought the red-clothed female demon fairy, and narrowly escaped death. All this is because, It was caused by the bones of the big demon that you suppressed deep in the Buddhist underground palace wandering outside.” Wang Xuan whispered, and entered the ancient temple for himself.
At this moment, he has no intention of releasing anyone. If he really wants to release a few more Bodhisattvas, big problems may arise! He wanted to take a closer look first. As long as he stood here, the mysterious factors he had picked up were enough for Qin Cheng.
The incense was lingering, and it actually went towards the golden body. The smoke slowly surged and filled the air towards them, as if something was really about to emerge.
A strong mysterious factor appeared and came towards Wang Xuan. These Bodhisattvas seemed too enthusiastic!
Wang Xuan quickly led Qin Cheng out of the Bodhisattva Hall and came to the courtyard. He stared at the big copper furnace there in a daze. There is something evil about this. It is broad daylight and the universe is bright. Bodhisattvas, what do you want to do?
“What’s the situation with Lao Wang?” Qin Cheng asked.
“It’s okay, you can practice in the yard, settle down a little, and then break open the window paper directly.” Wang Xuan said, and added: “Qi collection is just a small goal, and it can be greatly improved later!”
Soon after, an old monk from the temple accompanied a middle-aged man into the courtyard to enter the Bodhisattva Hall.
Wang Xuan showed a strange look. It was a coincidence that he met Lao Ling again.
Ling Qiming, accompanied by the old monk, walked over directly and ignored Wang Xuan.
/“That man looks familiar.” Qin Cheng was suspicious.
“Old Ling!” Wang Xuan told him directly.
Obviously, Ling Qiming vaguely heard it, his face moved again and again, he held it back, ignored the two of them, and went directly into the Bodhisattva Hall.
When the old monk saw Ling Qiming offering incense, he said: “Today, the incense in the temple is in full bloom, and the smoke surrounds the Bodhisattva’s body. This is an auspicious sign, and may be related to the nobles offering incense.”
Wang Xuan found that Lao Ling accepted it calmly and nodded slightly. He immediately picked up Qin Cheng and turned around to l