The scavenger’s forbidden items have long lost their original consciousness and become part of the supreme monster’s body. The current artifact spirit is the light of the scavenger’s own soul.
This holy cone is equivalent to his incarnation, like an arm and a finger.
The feathered flags erupted, and countless light rains flooded the monster. The woman in red appeared, using the light of yin and yang, stirring up the power of chaos, and waving the long flags, hitting the monster.
The Mutian Bracelet hit the monster’s head several times. Although blood splattered everywhere, it could not completely shatter its skull and knock out its soul.
Beyond the sky, the Beast Fighting City is in shambles. A notorious sect is feared by all parties, but it has become history and has been wiped out.
/People from the True Saint Dojo came, and many strong men from the great sects in the sea of ????stars also arrived. A large number of extraordinary people also came to the fairy world in the sky and under the sky.
People were shocked. The Fighting Beast Palace was famous in the extraordinary world, but it was actually dug through and flattened. There was nothing left here.
Naturally, it is impossible for the true saint to appear directly. He is hanging high in the void and cannot be perceived by ordinary people.
Only the mechanical tengu came by smell without deliberately concealing it. Its huge body was terrifying. Standing on the sky, it only showed one dog paw and one eye in the chaos. Even then, it squeezed the sky and covered the whole world.
In an instant, under the True Saint, all the extraordinary beings trembled. The aliens could barely bear the torture, while the extraordinary beings in other realms collapsed.
This is the result of the mechanical Tengu’s deliberate restraint and does not want to cause the wrath of other dojos. Otherwise, if it flows out the light of fire and the supreme Taoist charm, it is estimated that many true immortals and heaven-level extraordinary people will explode.
It was suspicious, and then the big paw and the one eye disappeared, returning to the chaos again. It thought for a while, could it be that it was thinking too much?
I have to say, this dog is quite vindictive.
132 years ago, when it and the Taichu Mothership were competing for the supreme fire, the mobile phone strange object opened a golden whirlpool. Yu Daoqi made a bold move and snatched two fire fragments, which was remembered by this dog.
It thinks that it is grabbing food from the dog’s mouth, cutting off its beard, and picking peaches halfway.
For so many years, whenever it is not in retreat, it will “pass through” its enemies every day, using its supreme supernatural power to deduce and search for their whereabouts.
However, there is a “big gold chain” hanging on Yu Daoqi’s body that can tie up the dragon, hiding the secret. Although the mechanical dog came here with doubts, it did not determine any results.
It goes back in time and traces history. However, it is cut off by the magic of