Wu Lindao, Wu Mingxiu and other direct descendants entered, and as for the strangers in the dojo, they even entered in advance!
Sunny Sky, Wolverine and others also walked into the depths of the Death Star Sea.
When we got to the back, no one spoke. It was a silent heaviness. Even the reporters at the live broadcast and the commentators on major platforms found it difficult to open their mouths and did not want to talk any more.
Even they were infected by this atmosphere, because they all knew that it would be difficult for people who entered the Five Tribulations Mountain to come out again.
“Don’t forget, there is Kong Xuan, he is invincible in the battle at the same level!” someone said.
But he also knew that this would not change the overall situation.
When the bloody battle reaches a certain level and Yiren kills indiscriminately, even an ultimate limit-breaker like Kong Xuan can’t stop Yiren’s sword!
“There is a rumor that Kong Xuan will die if he goes in. There is a special person or a special method to target him. Just wait for him to show up.”
“In the observatory of the deceased, a boy accidentally heard in the lifeless battlefield two days ago that the extraordinary people of the four avenues were talking like that with confidence.”
Several anchors on the largest video platform serve as commentators and breakers of explosive news.
“The words of the deceased, the supreme being, were spoken by his boy? Why do I feel that this is the deceased who is deliberately leaking the secrets? What does this mean? The four avenues are well prepared. It is too terrifying. It can kill the ultimate limit-breaker in the same field. By?”
For a time, after this news appeared, everyone was discussing it whether it was in this world, the 36th heaven, or the fairy world and other places.
Who is it, or what kind of means can he kill Kong Xuan without breaking any rules in the same field?
At the same time, people know that there are extraordinary communication signals in the Death Star Sea. It is not a deserted place, and communication and contact inside and outside are very convenient.
People estimate that this should be for capturing exciting battle scenes.
/“Secret report, very shocking news. A famous person in history, an epic figure who shocked the world in the past and shocked an era or two, may have appeared and returned from the world of the dead!”
Someone further revealed the news that has been circulating for a long time, and even mentioned keywords such as the residual world of Twilight of All Saints.
Over the years, Wang Xuan has intensively studied the 5.0 version of Spiritual Coffin Dafa. This is deduced from ancient times and modern times. He was practicing it more than 100 years ago, but he was able to hide it from the truth.
Mainly when he was fishing on the 36th level, Wang Xuan was discovered by He She