“This cow is really running like a bull!”
The extraordinary people in this world were also shocked and dumbfounded when they saw the names named by others and learned about the origins of those people later.
When Cheng Dao found out, he vomited two more mouthfuls of blood.
On the frozen soil of Level 34, Lu Yun spoke: “I want to emphasize that after we approach the birthplace of the myth, we must not stop for more than two days. This is the experience left by the sages in history. When the time is up, retreat immediately. If anyone falls behind, there will be consequences. Be conceited and no one is waiting for you.”
Then, she added: “In addition, after entering, no matter what grievances you have in the past, don’t fight among yourself, otherwise, whoever stirs up trouble will be an enemy of all of us!”
“Well, that makes sense.” At this time, a newly arrived young man spoke from a long distance away and said: “Then I will be outside and take the first step to solve some small problems. ”
While speaking, he punched Wang Xuan!
Of course, he also pays attention to the occasion, and pays attention to propriety and atmosphere, etc., saying: “Before going out to fight, there is internal strife. Where did this bastard come from? What are you waiting for? Fight it together!”
The person who came was of medium height, with loose long hair, thick and shiny black, and an extremely powerful aura. He shrunk into an inch in the void and teleported over in one step.
This was clearly a peerless person. His body exuded a powerful “force field” that distorted time and space. He acted as if there was no one around and punched him before he even got close.
The fist did not emit a dazzling light. On the contrary, the textures of the royal path intertwined to form a pitch-black realm, disintegrating tangible matter.
The person who came looked down, with a very self-centered posture, ignored the dissuasion of the people around him, and punched out, causing the nearby frozen soil to be annihilated, causing a huge explosion in the void, with overwhelming destructive power, in order to obliterate Lu Renjia.
He is the top master in the super world, and he can kill him directly. Normally, a transcendent in the heaven-level field, even a wizard, cannot withstand it. If you don’t know the details and take a punch from him, you will be killed instantly.
Wang Xuan used the Wu-Zi Jue and the U-Zi Jue to make himself disappear from where he was and be transported to a far distance, where he stood high in the sky and looked at him indifferently.
/“Miss Lu, Brother Hexiang, have you seen this? This is a serious internal strife and personal revenge. Who is this? If we don’t stop him, we won’t be able to explore this time.” Niu Bu shouted while hiding behind Lu Yun Behind him, he was afraid that the young man with disheveled black hair might punch him, but he didn’t have Wang Xuan’s ability.
“What’s going on? Why is there someone seeking reve