In front of him, the universe shattered silently, and then he saw a pair of huge eyes, revealed from the gap as vast as a galaxy.
Everything in his mind was frozen, and his mental thinking was completely “frozen”. Fortunately, Uncle Dao shined and protected him, allowing him to recover quickly.
Wang Dao actually saw a pair of huge eyes. They were too huge in the outer universe, and the vast gaps in the universe seemed too ordinary to reveal the opponent’s true form.
The direction the other party looked at seemed to open up the world, the void was annihilated, and the cracks were silently expanding.
Wang Dao was very excited. He was sure that it was his father. Although he only saw a pair of eyes, his aura and Daoyun were unmistakable.
Then, two big hands appeared in the Great Rift Valley in front. With a violent push, they opened the cracks in the universe. It was terrifying and domineering.
Daoyun and Chaos Thunder in the extraordinary center all landed instantly to stop all this.
However, that person has already come over, and a pair of big hands covers the sky, grabbing the Chaos Thunder, obliterating Daoyun, and ensuring peace and tranquility here.
Wang Yusheng crossed over without disturbing the saints in the world.
The moment he stepped in, his body shrank and returned to normal human height.
“Father!” Wang Dao rushed over. Even though he had cultivated to the level of a stranger, he was no longer a young boy, but now he was running forward like a young man.
“Well, mother?!” Soon, Wang Dao saw a woman standing quietly behind the crack in the universe, in the outer universe where he had lived for a long time.
When she saw him, the quiet and gentle woman finally let out a sigh of relief, showed excitement and joy, and waved to him.
The cracks in the big universe are slowly closing.
Wang Yusheng looks like he is thirty-one or twelve years old, with thick black hair, and his eyes are open and closed. When he is looking at the king’s way, he is very energetic, and when he calms down, he is like the starry sky, unfathomable.
He was tall and tall, and his face looked very peaceful. However, he carried an indescribably powerful aura in his silence, as if he could overlook the heavens and the world.
/“It’s good that he’s still alive.” The king smiled. He didn’t have any true saintly majesty towards his own son, and he had already restrained all his aura.
He put his hands on Wang Dao’s shoulders and shook it, up and down, left and right, and looked carefully again and again.
“Isn’t it just that you have lost your royal bones? It’s okay. If the old ones don’t go away, the new ones won’t come. If you reshape them again, you’ll be stronger. Speaking of which, you’re not miserable. Back then, when I was on the road alone, I almost died in the extraordinary world. In the sea of ??light, my body and spirit were shattered before I rushed to the seaside.”
Wang Yusheng comforted him and reminded his son of