There are various signs that there will probably be no saints in the extraordinary center!
“In this era, will there be a blank period?”
“No, evil spirits, the chief disciples of evil gods, etc., if they don’t care whether they can completely integrate into the extraordinary center, they may come to compete in this era.”
In the past, there was no such thing as complete integration. It was just a small group of special beings that brought this trend, and many people were confused.
After people discussed it, they felt a little numb. There was no bloodshed in the extraordinary center, and there was no light and shadow of swords. Will it completely change hands? All the true saint dojos may become faulty.
/The more Wang Xuan learned about the situation, the more deeply he frowned. The situation was quite complicated. He really couldn’t see the general trend clearly and couldn’t grasp the pulse of this bright world.
One thing is certain, if you want to become a true saint in the future, the competitive pressure will be so huge that it will make many extraordinary people feel desperate.
Just imagine, how many people can compete with the original supreme being to walk the holy road again?
Wang Xuan said to himself: “If I want to rise, I need to fight a group of former saints and have a brutal competition with them on the strongest track?”
/His future opponents are destined to be “Young True Saints” in the same field. That kind of situation is terrifying and “exciting” when you think about it, and it will make many people suffocate.
Fortunately for him, he has always had a strong belief and is not afraid of anyone.
However, the people around him, some with profound qualifications and background, who are expected to become true saints, beauties, close friends, etc., will their roads be blocked?
“Kill all the way up!” He felt strong pressure. On this road leading to the highest level, it was really difficult to take care of the relatives and relatives around him.
Moon Holy Lake is clear and translucent. A crescent moon hangs not far above the lake, casting soft light. It is obviously a crescent moon made of rare and rare stones.
Li Lin was wearing a long snow-white dress, with black hair like a waterfall, and a face that was so beautiful that it was almost unreal. She was sitting on the crescent moon, the sky was bright and dusty, and she was not like the fireworks of the world.
She looked at the night sky, thinking about something, a little confused. Finally, she walked out of the secret realm and took out the extraordinary communicator.
“Sister Lin.” Wang Xuan was a little surprised. It has been 125 years since the saints disappeared. He has been dormant and practicing, and he has not seen Li Lin for a long time.
Under the cold starlight, Li Lin looked stunning and otherworldly, with a hazy halo in her immortal body. When she heard him address her like this, she suddenly felt a little emotional.
The other person was so much younger than him and was not from the same e