Qingkong was naturally angry, but the other party downplayed it, saying that he didn’t know those old things and just mentioned them casually, and said sorry with a smile.
However, when he turned around, there was a foreigner who asked the young woman of the Black Peacock tribe to dance in private. This incident caused quite a stir and almost killed someone.
Qingkong and the old patriarch of the Peacock clan both wanted to move their clans, but they had to calm down afterwards and were quite helpless.
If they dared to leave with their clansmen, the path changer Yun Fu would definitely kill them. This true saint was relatively powerful among the supreme beings, otherwise he would not have put such great pressure on the major sects under the dojo.
Qingkong reported this matter to the 36th layer of Tianyun Fu Na, but the supreme being verbally rebuked the stranger below and exposed the matter.
“Tell me, who are the names of those strangers involved?” Wang Xuan asked in a deep voice.
“Second father, please don’t interfere with this,” Lang Tian quickly informed. Qingkong was under pressure and did not contact Wang Xuan. If he said this and caused Second Father’s fate, then he would be a sinner.
Wang Xuan said: “My family should not be exposed to outsiders. I will naturally do what I can do. Will I take the initiative to die if I can’t do it?”
Soon, Wang Xuan remembered the names of Si Shen, Ji Bin, Qing Xian and others.
/“If I had to draw up a must-kill list myself, you would all be on the list. There are some people I can’t touch now, but I will definitely kill them in the future!” His voice was cold.
Then he asked: “How have your father and the others been these past few years?”
When he saw that Langtian was silent at first and then said that the problem was not serious, he knew that Wolverine must have specifically warned him not to tell him.
“Say it!” Wang Xuan lowered his face.
/Lang Tian said: “Of course there are people who are targeting them and asking about the whereabouts of Second Dad. Those people always feel that Second Dad belongs to Black Peacock Mountain and should come back and join the Yunfu Zhensheng Dojo. Otherwise, it will be regarded as rebellion and ungratefulness.”
At this moment, Wang Xuan wanted to recite the mantra with great content.
He has a close relationship with Black Peacock Mountain, but what happened to Guan Yunfu Dojo? What reason and obligation does he have to serve them? This group of outsiders has such a big face.
Even in the past, Wujie Mountain never asked him for help. Every time, he would help himself out of the respect of an acquaintance.
Now, under the disciples of this group of path-changers, a handful of creatures who came from nowhere, who do they think they are? Wang Xuan was very angry.
However, what made his eyes blazing was yet to come.
Langtian risked his life, even though his father wouldn’t let him tell him to avoid irritating the two kings of Wuxing Mountain to reappear in t