In ancient times, in the Eternal Silence, the spaceship Beast Emperor had been stationary for a long time. This was a very long time.
“Beast King, you stop me every time. The toll is too high!”
Obviously, this group of people has borrowed power from their real bodies in the real world more than once, and they really couldn’t withstand the temptation when faced with a single and broken scripture.
/The main reason is that the small group of supreme beings who have survived to later generations are already studying that field and are determined to obtain the true scriptures when they see them.
The giant beast bear king came forward and said: “Your Majesty, I am a descendant of your old brother and your people. Can this relationship between us be done through the back door?”
The Bear King received a slap and was slapped away.
/Deep in the mist, the silver-haired Willow secretly deduced that he was tracing Hongxiu’s trajectory. He always felt that this woman was the most fearful to him, so he wanted to follow her footsteps.
The beast king guarding the gate glanced at him and thought to himself, is there another thief? Make good arrangements for him this time and take care of him in the maze!
Soon, Wei Luo ran away with a cry. His perception was different from ordinary people, and he felt that the front was very bad, and it seemed that something bad was waiting for him.
“Forget it, come back, the Beast King is too deceitful. He is obviously trying to suck out the marrow. Wave after wave of wool!” Even the Sword Immortal Wen Ming of the other side of the universe couldn’t stand it.
He suddenly realized that the old man Zaidao was so prescient. He probably only borrowed a few Taoist practices from the real body. After walking around in the mist, he realized that something was wrong and ran away.
Although later, the Beast King told them that there were even more precious secret chapters, many people really couldn’t afford it and wanted to quit.
In fact, quite a few people are ready to cut their losses in advance, which is much more decisive than Wen Ming, Wanfa Spider King and others, such as Wei Luo, just one word!
At the end, the Beast King was still pouring poisonous mushroom soup and said: “You must have a pious heart in seeking the Tao. If you don’t persevere, how can you stand on the highest peak of the mythical world?”
In the real world, Wang Xuan and Hongxiu both felt this and immediately stopped harvesting the sacred flowers, returning to their respective positions with a whoosh.
He cursed: “The Beast King is an old man, looking at his honest and heroic face, he is actually very shameless!”
Then, when he looked up, he always felt that something was wrong under the bright moonlight.
He turned his head and s