Of course, David wanted to find suspicious names from more than a thousand lists, which was also an attempt.
When encountering particularly troublesome things, his thinking will be more sensitive and he can always consider many options. This is also because of the help of his many fifth-level soul clones.
/There are ninety-six level five soul clones and two divine crystals, making David’s soul space beyond imagination.
‘Baron Coward’, a name stood out in his eyes. This name was very normal, and the reason for the transmission was that he had a long-term cooperation with a store in the main city of Duner. This time he came to inspect the market.
Recently, many low-level nobles have come to Dun’er for the same reason, because Dun’er is full of business opportunities. At the same time, many low-level nobles also want to find opportunities to get close to Lord Arthur through operating on Dun’er, so that they can reach the sky in one step.
But when David saw this name, he felt inexplicably special.
David wrote down the name ‘Baron Coward’, and continued to look down. There were more than a thousand names in the past, and ‘Baron Coward’ was the only name he felt.
He smiled coldly. If he made a mistake, then he would apologize to the ‘Baron Coward’ and pay the due compensation.
With David’s current status, being rude to a baron is not a big deal. Even if the Noble Affairs Office intervenes, it will only be a small amount of compensation. The dual status of a top noble and a member of the Supreme Council gives David a higher status than that of a low-level noble. power.
With a wave of his hand, an energy clone flew out. This was one of his nine energy clones. Although it was not his energy clone in the true sense, it was almost the same in terms of control.
As soon as the energy clone appeared, it took the space ring thrown by David, and then rushed into the planet-level portal. From the time it appeared to the time it entered the planet-level portal, it only took one breath.
Even the teleportation managers didn’t notice the fleeting shadow. Only the fifth-level Bishop Cameron who was still on the other side of the main city showed doubts in his eyes. He found a powerful aura in his perception, but But it disappeared instantly.
Half of David’s mind entered the energy clone, and the energy clone appeared on Gami.
The energy clone flew to a flat ground on Garmi Star at full speed, and then the energy clone continuously took out the magic array base from the space ring and arranged the array base on the ground.
In this space ring, there are a large number of magic circles that David has obtained for a long time, including energy repulsion magic circles, confinement magic circles, gravity suppression magic circles, chaos magic circles, etc., as many as thirty kinds of top magic circles.
It is not an easy task to arrange all these thirty top-level magic circles together. This requires a strong grasp of the knowledge of alchemical ma