“A divine master? Let me weigh it!” Wang Xuan said indifferently, staring at the target at this time. His face was stern, without a smile, and he simply attacked.
Miao Gu led other light wheels to chase and intercept him, but they were unable to trap him, and he was captured again. A secret road connected him and the Lord of God.
With a bang, the God Lord soon exploded.
He turned around and looked at his bird-headed opponent and said, “Miao Gu, is this the method you are proud of? I don’t think it’s enough.”
Miao Gu was usually arrogant and arrogant during the day, but now he was in a mixed mood, frightened and angry. The other party was eyeing a legendary figure from past dynasties and was very interested in it, but he didn’t target him as the real owner. This was a slight.
He said in a deep voice: “You are indeed very tyrannical, but I don’t think you can fight against the bright light of our civilization’s overall sublimation. Get ready, don’t blame me for not reminding you, I was serious at the last moment, and I will break up if I attack.” life and death.”
Miao Gu’s body vibrated and emitted a Tao sound, and all the Yu Dao source pools on his body were activated, not shining separately, but connected to each other.
/Now, all the light wheels no longer exist alone. If you attack any one of them, you will face them all, and the light of the royal road blends together.
In this current state, Miao Gu’s carrying capacity has reached its limit, and it is impossible to persist like this forever. If it takes a little longer, he himself will collapse first.
Now, he is flowing with immortal light from head to toe!
In an instant, a small group of figures stood side by side, forming an offensive and defensive alliance, looking down at Wang Xuan together.
/In the new world, Yu Yan, who broke through the Tianyuan Dojo, looked more solemn than ever before and said to himself: “It’s not the recovery of the surface, but in a short period of time, the light of the imperial way in those haloes has climbed to the limit, which is equivalent to multiple 6 The breakers link arms and fully join forces?”
“Miao Gu was promoted to an invincible state in an instant?!” The shining pupils of Lu Po Nirvana Dojo shrank, and he could see the essence.
Miao Gu’s eyes were cold. He didn’t dare to delay. He only had a short chance, only a moment of invincibility, but that was enough.
Who can stop the combined power of so many 6-breakers? Now the saints were truly with him, they were one!
The holy light, the fierce flames, and the imperial lines expanded and spread infinitely in the deep sky. Miao Gu stepped into the realm of Lu Po, accompanied by the heavy fog, and stood together with the strongest men in history, and took action together!
With a bang, the sky collapsed and the earth shattered. The giant continents, planets, holy mountains, etc. in the new world were shaking through the purification circle, making everyone’s hair stand on end. This was simply a battle in the holy realm!
There is no doubt th