Moreover, he calmly called her girl. God wanted to educate him immediately. This was really based on the realm of true kings. He was very old-fashioned.
Wang Xuan was extremely calm, and the light rain he radiated was more powerful and terrifying. Both of them were blasting each other with feathered light, but the woman’s seemed to be slightly weaker.
“No, you have tampered with me. Otherwise, who in the same field can be my enemy?” The woman in the stone slab woke up, otherwise why would she always be so slow?
“Really?” Wang Xuan raised his right hand, and a huge hazy light curtain fell, covering all the terrifying fluctuations of the two people, blocking the spread of true king-level ripples.
The woman finally discovered where the problem was. In her body and in the depths of her soul, corresponding hazy light curtains appeared, trying to separate her true body again.
It was obvious that the other party had taken action against her while she was sleeping, using the 6-curtain-breaking innocence to transform into three large curtains, which were attached to her body among the three stone slabs.
When she thought she had successfully merged and unified, there was actually this hidden danger. She had a true king-level “makuten” lock on her body, which trapped her at the critical moment.
In a sense, she has not yet become a complete true king!
With a bang, Wang Xuan was not polite, grabbed the back of her white neck, touched her head, and said: “Sure enough, she was born with a traitor.”
The woman in the slate was so angry that she wanted to explode on the spot. This time she was the real person, not the vague embodiment of the past, but it was still impossible to escape such treatment.
“I’m very angry now, but I’m restraining myself and want to tell you that I really didn’t have any ill intentions. I just felt that there was something wrong with your conduct, so I wanted to test it, but I didn’t expect it.”
/The woman in the stone slab has roamed the world, but her true body has never been captured and treated like this.
“You are in danger. If I hadn’t prepared in advance, and if I hadn’t broken through the barrier fiercely enough, I would have been in trouble today if I came to the True King’s realm.”
/Wang Xuan said, and with a bang, he activated the three light curtains in her body, causing them to explode and divide her again.
Then, three stone slabs floated up, and Wang Xuan forced three-thirds of her into them. In one moment, she was beaten back to before she was liberated.
“I have fulfilled my promise, but since you are full of bones and are too dangerous, I can only separate you and send you back to the stone slab again.” Wang Xuan said, throwing a sealed stone slab into the boat.
There is no need to lock the remaining two stone slabs, and there will be no trouble. After all, he is the true king now.
“Little brother, I really misunderstood.” The female god in the stone slab called her lik