In this case, he actually avoided the sword stabbing his heart and moved his body sideways to the left.
However, it was difficult for him to avoid Wang Xuan’s left hand.
Wang Xuan’s palm knife struck his head heavily, making a thunderous sound, and a light quickly bloomed.
The hollow protective gear on this man’s head actually flowed with mist and light at the critical moment, blocking Wang Xuan’s left hand.
What’s happening?
/Wang Xuan was frightened. He knew very well that the power of his palm could break even a piece of solid iron.
After he exploded with all his strength, his whole body was filled with a faint golden light, and his left hand was shaking. This was a palm sword superimposed with the Golden Body Technique, and its attack power was extremely terrifying.
With a bang, it finally had an effect. The protective gear on the man’s head was smashed and he was hit in the head.
All of this happened in a flash of lightning, and the man’s body flew out. The reason for Wang Xuan’s palm was also related to his own initiative to move forward.
It can be seen that the back of his head was severely injured and dented, which is quite scary.
However, a true grandmaster like him had extremely tenacious vitality and did not die, but quickly jumped up.
To ordinary people, this is a monster. How can anyone survive a dented head and continue fighting?
However, his body staggered a little after all.
Wang Xuan had to sigh. Compared with this man, Moonlight Bodhisattva was just a parallel import. The man in front of him was really amazing.
Wang Xuan’s whole body was emitting a faint golden light, and he tried his best, but he was not able to kill this person completely.
Of course, this is also related to the protective gear worn on the opponent’s head. It looks exquisite and looks like a decoration. It can shine at critical moments, and the patterns and birds have secret power flowing through them.
/Without any pause, he rushed over like a faint golden light, intending to kill this person completely.
In the distance, the alien woman appeared, scolding, and rushed towards her like a stream of light, hoping to rescue her.
Wang Xuan failed again and again, and he didn’t want to make any mistakes again. He couldn’t wait until the other two people returned, otherwise there might be more accidents.
As he rushed forward, he used his spiritual realm, and light mist flowed in front of his forehead, violently impacting the opponent’s spiritual consciousness.
An accident happened again. The protective gear on the opponent’s head, the bird seemed to be resurrected, glowing dimly, actually blocking the mental impact.
Wang Xuan was quite shocked. How could hollow and exquisite protective gear have such an effect?
In his opinion, it is definitely a treasure, but everyone on the other side is wearing it, which is not good news for him.
No wonder the other party learned that he had extraordinary mental power, but after confirming that he