In the blink of an eye, 1695 years have passed in the new era.
“Uncle Six, help!” Wang Dao called for help, his voice trembling.
Wang Xuan did not go, nor did he think Wang Dao would be in danger after attending the appointment. However, his nephew frantically called him in his heart.
As a true king, he would naturally react in an instant. He frowned slightly, already aware of what was going on, and disappeared out of thin air.
/In a flash of thought, Wang Xuan came to the pure land of floating boats in the sea of ??chaotic time and space.
“Uncle Six, I have a descendant!” Wang Dao said with a bitter face, feeling hard to understand. He hadn’t been here for three thousand years, but he had grown up as soon as he arrived.
No wonder he was a little hesitant when he called Wang Xuan to attend the appointment. As a stranger, he also had some inexplicable feelings about what happened when he was in a coma.
The person in front of him was a young man with sword-shaped eyebrows and starry eyes. His name was Wang Sidao. It was obvious that everyone in Fuzhou Pure Land already knew Wu Tian’s identity and real name.
Needless to say, his appearance is very similar to Wang Dao’s, and the young man is not as lazy as lying down. He is very energetic and full of energy. He is serving tea to his father.
Wang Dao estimated that this must be his son, with a calling from his bloodline. However, after attending the appointment 3000 years later, he had such an older son, which made him a little confused.
Back then, he drank the soothing soup, and he even tasted the brains of some kind of underworld creature, and the golden lotus on the rotten bones. He passed out, and something happened next.
The true king is here, and all the past can be seen to the end at a glance. Wang Xuan understands the truth. The handsome young man in front of him is the child of Wang Dao and Ruonan, and there is no mistake.
Ruonan was right next to her, still as before, with short ear-length hair, clean and fresh, pretty and slightly heroic. They were very isolated here. They were on the run here and had almost no contact with the outside world. It was difficult for new blood to join the tribe. She had a good impression of Wu Tian in the past, and they had an intersection back then.
As for Wang Xuan himself, he didn’t have those messy things. He didn’t drink the soothing soup. Although he had passed out, his extraordinary factors were transpiring like thunder and fire refining his body.
The long-haired beauty Jin Yao looked at him and sighed slightly, showing a little regret.
“Sixth uncle!” Wang Sidao stepped forward and saluted seriously.
“Get up.” Wang Xuan grabbed him. His seniority had soared, which made him uncomfortable. He was only more than two hundred years older than Wang Sidao, and as a result, he was already a grandfather.
Soon, he figured out some of the situation. When Wang Zesheng and his wife supervised their eldest grandson Wangdao to practice martial arts a few years ago, they traced his past and felt that when he