But it was too late. All the nearby magic fell down, and Wang Xuan came to attack with a spear. The holy chain of the avenue blocked endless time and space, and the black sky was inevitable.
With a bang, its body became “bald” again, and dozens of black and gold-colored insect legs crackled and exploded. The carapace shattered, revealing the white flesh inside, and then exploded again.
If a black gold sledgehammer hadn’t appeared on its back, resisting the hammer’s blow, the whole thing would probably have been broken. It was forced to walk along the “path of survival” and was driven into the mouth of the tripod.
/The stone tripod was not a rough weapon. It was densely packed with fine textures and began to devour it. The Insect King was unable to break free and was forcefully sucked in.
With a clang, the lid of the cauldron fell down in an instant and was sealed tightly. The texture of the avenue was like a sea of ??fire. The stone cauldron shrank and floated in Wang Xuan’s palm.
The attack was as fast and violent as thunder, and the outbreak time was extremely short, but it was a life and death fight. Using the true king’s fate trajectory as the strings, playing the sound of the cycle of life and death, Wang Xuan drove the insect king Heitian into the stone cauldron purgatory, suppressing it. .
“Whoops!” King Yu let out a sharp cry that belonged to a raptor. He felt outrageous and his scalp was numb. The other party suppressed a true king so quickly?
Until now, he was approaching this unknown time and space, but the attack technique obviously slowed down and weakened, so he stopped and did not move rashly.
Wang Xuan held the stone cauldron, looked at the True King inside through the cauldron wall, and said: “Damn bug, you are so vindictive, you actually chased from No. 4 Transcendent Center to No. 1 Source, don’t talk about saintliness, you want to attack and kill I can’t do it?!”
“I#!” Even if he was in a dire situation and was forced to fall into the most powerful true king’s weapon, the Insect King Black Sky wanted to spray him with the fragrance on his face.
It was obviously a sudden sneak attack, but in the end, the other party viciously splashed dirty water on his head and face. Was all the responsibility on it?
King Yu was also speechless for a while, this ferocious true king was really a bit unscrupulous.
In fact, Wang Xuan is so down-to-earth that even if the disaster lord comes out, he will still face it like this.
All the realms where Wang Xuan is based are pushing to the limit of breaking through the six realms. This kind of feat is not just talk, the supernatural sense is stronger than others.
/In addition, at the last moment, the Blood King showed his kindness and sent out a strange ripple on the No. 3 mainland, arriving at the same time as the true insect-shaped king.
Therefore, after Wang Xuan discovered the enemy, he attacked directly and fought fiercely. He had nothing to say about the enemy. Two true kings quietly came to the door, and one of the