“You have to concentrate.” Wang Xuan said, and he picked up a page of scripture paper. At this time, fireworks pierced through the world, and passed through the void at a very fast speed. Countless words fell out like heavy rain.
/The splendid holy temples where Li Dao evolved, the splendid giant palace hanging high above, and the strong fires were all covered with words, and they suddenly dimmed and gradually extinguished.
Li Dao gradually became certain that the man opposite him was almost certainly the mysterious person who had taken away the weapon that had given him his life. But in the rumors, isn’t it said that Wang Xuancai was in the early stages of being a stranger?
“In the last era, he was in the second and third levels of the alien world, and he obtained the Tao Yun from Source No. 2, and even stole the Tao Yun from our Source No. 3, so now we have reached the middle stage, or even the late stage?” There are also other people here. Guess Wang Xuan’s true state.
The path that Li Dao evolved suddenly became dark and completely decayed. He was completely devastated. The main reason was that after discovering the truth, he suffered a huge blow in his heart. He was defeated 5 years ago!
“Why is it so sudden? Li Dao’s whole body seems to have been drained of energy.”
The creatures participating in the Tao Discussion Conference were indeed among the strongest in the alien realm, and they were all quite puzzled.
At this time, Xu Jingyue moved lightly on the lotus steps. She was as bright as a divine moon, with an indescribable sense of tranquility and beauty, and an incomparable ethereal charm.
She exuded a gorgeous yet soft light rain, countless rules flowers fell on the Tao discussion stage, and another Tao discussion began silently.
Wearing a long dress, she looked like she was standing in the moon palace, with fluttering black hair and gleaming white skin. Her whole person was unusually out of the ordinary, showing her holiness in the light and rain. She stood at the end of the stranger, performing the dream method.
In fact, many strangers in the audience have already fallen into strange thoughts, dreaming of eternal dreams and never waking up.
In the dream world, Xu Jingyue is omnipotent. She is quiet, otherworldly, and calm. She pulls the spirit of the opponent who is sitting cross-legged opposite to move with the wonders she performs.
She builds colorful and extremely real spiritual worlds one after another, guiding the target to dream and walk in different spiritual worlds.
She didn’t know how long it took, but she smiled slightly and felt that it was almost time to exit this dream world.
Because the opponent has been surrendered by her and has become a boy under her. He stands with his hands hanging and follows her orders, very respectfully.
Nearby, many people were covered by the strange Taoist charm emanating from the dream, and they were all caught up in it, unable to extricate themse