Qin Hongyuan controlled his mood swings and spoke calmly, “Our family believes in Buddhism. We recently put the Sakyamuni Sutra together with some ancient Buddhist utensils and are offering incense. It will take more than a hundred days to take them out.”
Wang Xuan sneered secretly, you are all studying the blood and bones of Bodhisattva, and you are telling me that you believe in Buddhism?
Obviously, the Qin family had a premonition that the Sakyamuni Sutra was so valuable that even the Sword Immortal was thinking about it, and they increasingly did not want to show it to outsiders.
“My friend, how about taking a look at other scriptures? We have a lot of Buddhist scriptures here, all of which are authentic handwritings left by divine monks from past generations.”
Wang Xuan shook his head and left politely after chatting for a while, not wanting to waste any more time. He expected that this might happen, but Buddhist scriptures were not the scriptures he had to obtain. He was most interested in the pre-Qin golden bamboo slips, but they were not available here.
As for the exotic treasures, the Qin family didn’t even mention them. After the two battles between Mucheng and Jingyue City, all the major families attached great importance to them and believed that the exotic treasures were more important than anything else and could not be easily left out.
/The scriptures can be rubbed, and there is no harm in exchanging parts.
Seeing him turning around and leaving without any hesitation, Qin Hongyuan lost his composure and asked Qin Hong to invite him back.
“Can you extend my life for ten years at once?” he asked.
Wang Xuan said: “It’s best to divide it several times for the best effect. If you are really eager, then I will reluctantly pay some price to help you realize your wish. Of course, you must let me read the Sakyamuni Sutra first. There is a high probability that I’ll be inspired.”
“There are a total of twelve pages of the scripture. Qin Hong helped me get four pages. Let me extend my life for three or four years and let me feel the effect.” Now that he has made a decision, Qin Hongyuan is very decisive.
Wang Xuan’s spirit left his body for an instant, but he stopped when he was a short distance away from Qin Hong. Sure enough, it was the secret vault last night. There were mysterious artifacts there to redeem the spiritual body after leaving the physical body!
Soon after, Qin Hong took out four pages of gold foil paper. There were no words, only engraved pictures. However, when he explored it with his spirit, the imprint was instantly transmitted, and all the engraved pictures came to life!
In an instant, a giant Buddha stood in the sky, lifelike, opened a big curtain, and appeared in his mind, showing him the supreme mystery of Buddhism.
Wang Xuan closed his eyes and remembered it in his heart, but in the end he woke up and cut off the figure of the Buddha. He only remembered the original meaning of the scripture, not the Dharma body