The spacecraft crashed and crashed into the mountains dozens of miles away from Sioux City. No one survived, and the wreckage of the spacecraft was burned and melted by the energy system.
Their professional team was ready to set off, to dissect Chen Yongjie, to study the spiritual energy of extraordinary people with old skills, and to negotiate prices with all parties. They were about to trade extraordinary flesh and blood, and now they heard such bad news!
The Sun family was shocked and then angry. A direct member of the super chaebol died. It was most likely an abnormal death. How many years had this not happened?
Sun Rongting’s face was indifferent and he sat there without moving. He realized that this matter had deviated from its proper trajectory and must be corrected!
In Pingyuan City, Qin Hong put down his wine glass and mistakenly thought it was false news at first. It took him a long time to come back to his senses and said, “Sun Chengquan actually died over there. Who killed him? Something big is going to happen.”
The first to get the news was naturally the Qian family. Their base camp was in Suzhou City, and Qian An himself was in a manor outside the city.
When Ling Qiming heard the rumor, he was stunned. He had already seen off Lao Chen in advance and burned a bundle of paper money, but things took a turn for the worse. Old Chen is unconscious. Who is taking action? Is it that young man? !
After Zhao Zejun learned about it, he was in a daze. The incident suddenly reversed, and the Sun family members actually died, which was indeed far beyond his expectation.
Then, he frowned again, because this matter was not over, but a new storm would appear. The Sun family must have been angered, and they would not stop like this!
But he was still amazed that Su Cheng was so extraordinary and undefeated, so strong.
In the mysterious underground palace where the Gray Blood Organization is located, someone asked: “Has the Bloody Killing Order been issued? If not, take it back quickly and take a look at the situation first!”
/“My uncle Sun Chengquan died. His extraordinary strangulation was reversed? Who did it? Isn’t Chen Yongjie in a coma?” Sun Yichen was shocked.
Many people of his age called him to confirm the news. The situation was changing so fast that it was a bit difficult for him to accept.
When Zhong Cheng heard the news, he was in a daze at first, and then jumped up and shouted: “I#, Wang Xuan and Lao Chen are going against the will of heaven!”
“Be careful!” Zhong Qing glared at him, but she herself was not at peace either. Her beautiful eyes were bright, and some of her guesses were gradually being confirmed.
“Brother Zhou, where are you? Have you seen the news?!” Zhong Cheng contacted Zhou Yun.
“It’s on the moon. What’s wrong? Have Xiao Wang and Lao Chen gone? Oh, I feel uncomfortable in my heart, and I can’t bear it. You can burn more paper for me. I’ll take it easy first and go back in two days.” Zhou The clouds are lost and the spirit is depressed.
“What nonsense are you talking about?