“The music is second to none.”
Fei Yang replied: “Singing between brothers.”
Neon Wu’s face suddenly turned dark!
Are you two interesting?
Is this my fault?
Standing and talking doesn’t hurt your back, right?
Don’t blame me, in the current lyric writing world, or even in the entire Blue Star, you can just find anyone to compare the lyrics with “I May Life Be Long”!
If he dares not to kneel down, I will take your last name!
Neon Wu originally wanted to reply like this. It’s not that I’m not good, it’s that this opponent is unscientific, but she suddenly felt that it was boring to say these things. The composer and singer didn’t know shit about words. She could only slowly type a question mark:
And with the emergence of this question mark, the Internet has completely exploded because people have listened to “May Life Be Long” one after another.
This time it’s a nuclear explosion!
The appearance of old readers is really cordial, and the new readers are also grateful for their support. The task of adding more updates has already been recorded in the notebook!
“The Mid-Autumn Festival lyrics, as soon as the water tune song comes out, the rest of the lyrics are useless!”
This is the evaluation of Su Dongpo’s “Water Melody Song” by later generations, and Su Xian is another name that many people call Su Dongpo.
The “Shui Tiao Ge Tou” here is just the name of the song.
In fact, there were many famous people in ancient China who wrote the “Shui Tiao Ge Tou” series. However, Su Dongpo’s song is the most famous among them, and it is also the most highly regarded by the masses and literati. Its brilliance almost surpasses all other songs with the same name. work!
/Unfortunately, Blue Star does not have this piece.
“Damn it, this word is too explosive!”
“What kind of divine lyrics are these!”
“Mom asked me why I knelt down to listen to the song series!”
“You can’t close your mouth when you hear this? Then when you hear later, won’t you dislocate your jaw?”
“I knew Xianyu was very good at writing lyrics, but I didn’t expect that he was so good at writing lyrics!”
“I no longer have the courage to call him the old thief Xianyu. This is not an old thief. This is clearly an ancestor!”
“Damn it, your ancestors are still your ancestors!”
“My grandpa just came in suddenly, asked me what song I was listening to, and asked me to copy the lyrics to him.”
“Why do I feel that this poem is no worse than some poems handed down throughout history?”
“You’re not alone upstairs!”
“Our Chinese teacher just asked everyone in the group to write, memorize and recite all the lyrics to “May People Live Longer”!”
“I don’t know if Xianyu is the father of Qu, but he is definitely the father of Ci!”
/The song comment areas of major players were the first to explode!
The topic lists of tribes and blogs were both detonated by this song!
At the same time, “Hope You Live Longer” has swept the circle of friends of countless