Her black hair is fluttering, her clothes are slender, and she is ethereal without any smoke and smoke. She can be said to be unrivaled in grace and emptiness.
For others, it would be an encounter with an immortal, and they would feel excited and honored, but Wang Xuan had goosebumps and was a little scared.
Ever since he found a ray of the female alchemist’s spiritual body hidden in the bead string on Zheng Rui’s wrist in the secret place, Wang Xuan had a bad premonition, and now Wang Zha has really appeared.
The altar in the Earthly Immortal City is so grand and can handle the big curtain, which is very special. God knows what will happen when the remaining spiritual body in this world meets the female alchemist who has become an immortal. This is a reunion after three thousand years!
“There really is an immortal. A living female immortal appeared in front of us, like Lingbo, the god of Luo, and like the moon shining in the cold moon. I saw the fairy in mythology!”
Zhong Cheng whispered, extremely shocked, had he ever seen such a scene before? For people in the world, when myths approach the real world, the impact is too strong.
Zhong Qing pinched him and told him to shut up and stop talking nonsense. After all, this was a female fairy who had truly survived from ancient times. It would be troublesome if she offended her.
/At the same time, she was extremely envious of the immortal’s everlasting youth and eternal beauty. For a young woman who loves beauty, the temptation was too great.
“Senior, I think this strange object is not bad.” Wang Xuan’s finger slid towards another object in front of the curtain.
He was a little frightened and really didn’t want to meet the most powerful person among the immortals at this stage.
“What a coincidence, that is also the rare thing she left behind.” White Peacock said.
Wang Xuan’s body stiffened slightly, and he realized that no matter what he chose, Bai Peacock would probably say that it was left by the female alchemist and that she had already “clearly arranged” it for him.
The female alchemist fell from the sky, surrounded by a faint white mist. She was indeed like the legendary fairy descending to earth. Even if she fell into the world of fireworks, she was still peerless and independent.
“I’ve seen fairies.” Wang Xuan was very serious and didn’t dare to talk nonsense.
After all, this is a character who has been immortalized for three thousand years. Who knows what her temper and temperament will be after experiencing a long time in the world behind the scenes.
Sure enough, she was different from the remaining spiritual body in this world. After she fell, she remained silent and motionless. Although her skin was like gelatin and her whole body was quiet and beautiful, she also had an invisible majesty.
She has a great aura, and even through the curtain, people can feel the cold aura. She is truly otherworldly, making people feel as if they are facing a world of ice and snow.
She just nodded slightly to Wang Xua