The first-generation Beast King and Teng also left. Leaving this mythical universe, they were second only to the True King. If they fought, their destructive power would be too powerful.
With a loud noise, the first-generation Beast King erupted. In an instant, he stood tall in the deep sky, more majestic than the entire universe. His blood surged, making the end of the deep space a bright red.
He punched it and the river of time reversed.
Under Source No. 1, Wang Xuan’s heart moved and he asked: “Ju, take a look, is that your descendant?”
The first-generation Beast King said that his ancestors had warned that future generations should not participate in real battles. Obviously, the old giant was very impressive.
/The True King of Giants denied it and said: “No, I come from the realm of Yangjiu. Not to mention my descendants. All the races in that realm were wiped out and no living beings remained.”
Wang Xuan was shocked. How could this headless monster be so big? After all, for how long it has lived, the realm of Yang Jiu has been permanently extinguished.
He asked: “Besides the six extraordinary sources, are there other true kings dormant in this world that have never been born?”
The Puppet True King nodded and said: “There must be a few old monsters who have escaped from the world and did not participate in the last battle to return to their true form, but I can count them, but there are not many left.”
/Wang Xuan was not worried about the duel between Lu Po Mighty. He chatted with the two true kings here and learned many secrets.
Not only does Source No. 1 have a must-kill list, but Source No. 2 also has a blood-colored stone platform, which is speculated to come from a real place and is a product of the subjective observation of the present world by the Total Disaster.
Not every source has this kind of thing. For example, source No. 3 is normal. Wang Xuan has not seen it in the fusion sites No. 4 and No. 5.
In the deep sky, the first-generation Beast King was quite brave. After trapping his opponent with the chains extended by the fetters of fate, he unfolded his Beast King Fist, which was about to destroy the past, present and future, and use his physical body to collapse the nearby universe.
Teng vomited blood and was finally defeated. After being suppressed by the first-generation Beast King, his left fist penetrated his heart and his right fist blasted out, blowing his head apart!
This scene shocked all the powerful people in No. 3’s local area. Whether it was Zheng or the big demon in the wonderful scene of returning to his true nature, his face was extremely pale.
Even if they fail, the successor trained by their true king is no match for the strong man from Source No. 1.
Teng Xian appeared, bowed deeply, and said: “On the road to return to truth, I can’t go as far as you.”
“Ah” Lu Po Mighty Thousand Hands screamed. Even if he had a thousand arms, it was not enough to cut off Lao Wang. Wang Zesheng turned the prayer w