Lin Xuan watched this episode of the program at home.
Dayao Yao next to me watched together.
In the show, every time a composer finishes writing a song, he will go to the diva hall to select someone.
Sun Yaohuo took the initiative to stand up every time.
But every time, no one chose Sun Yaohuo.
In the end, except for Sun Yaohuo, all other singers in the entire Yu Dynasty were replaced by different composers.
The barrage is all ridicule.
“Sun Yaohuo: What about the promised victory?”
“Sun Yaohuo: Choose me, choose me, I promise you only have famous songs, not famous people!”
“It’s so funny that Sun Yaohuo is the only one left in the Yu Dynasty who hasn’t been voted out.”
“Sure enough, Sun Yaohuo is the weakest in the Yu Dynasty, even weaker than Chen Zhiyu.”
“Chen Zhiyu is actually not weak. He is also the first front-line singer in Yu Dynasty.”
“Sun Yaohuo, how should I put it, feels too ordinary.”
“Actually, he sings pretty well, but it’s easy for people to ignore him.”
/“Even Father Yu chose Chen Zhiyu instead of Sun Yaohuo before.”
“Looking at it this way, Sun Yaohuo is still not very good. Most of the time he becomes a front-line player.”
“Sun Yaohuo is so proactive. He has been ignored so many times and is still looking for an opportunity.”
“Oh, it looks quite sad.”
“Why am I sad? It must be his own fault if the composer didn’t choose him.”
Dayao Yao suddenly felt dissatisfied and said, “Why do these people say such things about Senior Yaohuo?”
Lin Xuan said: “That’s because you paid little attention to Sun Yaohuo.”
Before singing “Ten Years”, Sun Yaohuo was even more disliked by the audience.
It will always be the singer who is famous but not the one who is popular.
Later, “Ten Years” became a hit, and Sun Yaohuo’s reputation improved.
But compared to other singers, Sun Yaohuo will still be ignored by the audience.
Both are singers from Yu Dynasty and are also popularized by Xianyu, but Jiang Kui is much more popular than Sun Yaohuo.
“I think Senior Yaohuo sings very well.” Dayao Yao was puzzled.
Lin Xuan said: “Aren’t some singers and actors like this? They are obviously good, but they are easily ignored by everyone.”
Lin Xuan didn’t know.
Even at Xingmang, Sun Yaohuo was once looked down upon by composers.
Lin Yuan came to the music hall to record the program.
/Today it is the turn of the remaining ten songwriters to draw keywords.
Yang Zhongming looked at Lin Yuan with a smile: “You smoke first?”
Lin Yuan reached out and touched the sign.
“What is it?”
Zheng Jing, who was also assigned to this issue, looked at the lottery in Lin Yuan’s hand:
“Broad sea and sky?”
She smiled and said: “This theme is good, I will smoke it too!”
Lin Yuan was stunned.
The signature on his hand clearly read four words:
The sea and the sky are vast!
This keyword is so simple!
He happens to have a song with the same name, and the quality is pretty good!
“I’ll come too.”
Zheng Jing drew a lot, and the key word was “helpless”.
Zheng Jing pouted: “It’s quite