“You mean”
“There’s no rush now.”
Lin Yuan said that he actually planned to let others draw the comics, provide the plot and important storyboard design himself, and at other times be a hands-off shopkeeper.
/There are so many wonderful comics.
Lin Yuan couldn’t draw it.
Lin Yuan’s attention temporarily shifted from novels to music.
It happened to be this day too.
The song “Kiss Goodbye” prepared by Lin Yuan for the February season chart was launched by Xingmang.
While singer Sun Yaohuo forwarded it, the name of songwriter Xianyu fell into the eyes of countless netizens
at this time.
“Start Over”, written, composed and even sung by Xianyu, still occupies the championship position this season.
No one expected it.
In February of this year, Xianyu actually wanted to continue playing in the rankings. Winning the season rankings in January did not satisfy him!
“Xianyu is very enthusiastic about singing this year!”
“Since his debut, he has rarely been in the season rankings for two consecutive months.”
“Xianyu hasn’t completely vented his anger in January. Are you planning to show off again in the February season rankings?”
“It seems that Xianyu is really dissatisfied with the defeat in the Battle of the Gods.”
“It’s okay to lose to Father Yang, but it’s hard to get over it because the official intervened.”
“We must win a few more season championships to defeat the Fire.”
“So the way a genius songwriter vents is to kill the season charts?”
“Is it really because the gods are fighting against each other?”
Netizens are talking a lot, but some musicians in the music industry who are preparing to release songs in February are depressed:
Why should we bear the responsibility for the mistakes made by Yang Zhongming and the authorities?
I can’t do it as a concubine!
For the time being, no one is thinking in the direction of Xianyu winning 12 consecutive championships.
Every year on the season charts, occasionally there will be singers or songwriters releasing songs one after another for two or three months in a row, which is considered a normal phenomenon.
Therefore, everyone was not very surprised, but just discussed it with great expectation.
In the Qin Qi Chu Yan music scene, there are actually not many singers preparing to release songs in February.
Because there will be a large number of Korean musicians making a big splash in February.
Compared to Qin Qi and Chu Yan, if Xianyu continues to take action in February, the biggest headache should be for the Koreans.
I don’t know what I was thinking of, but someone suddenly guessed with suspicion: “Xianyu released a song in February, could it be to snipe Koreans?”
There is little market for this speculation.
“Not really.”
“The Korean music scene is not like the Chu people back then, who pretended that our music is no weaker than Qinzhou’s.”
“The original Chuzhou media stepped on Xianyu in order to praise Chu people’s music. The