After saying that, Governor Li stood up with a displeased look on his face and walked towards his tent.
The kind with a quick pace.
Everyone stood up to say goodbye to the county guard. The county magistrate and the county magistrate waved at the same time, asking the servants to hurry up and send the beauty to the camp before the other side. The county guard must not be left waiting in a hurry.
/In the dense forest far away from the hillside, Lu Bei put on the Xuanyin Siqing Wei uniform, slashed his waist, and waited for Hu San to appear.
I thought I would have to wait a little longer, but unexpectedly, as soon as I closed my eyes, Hu San in Qingwei uniform fell from the sky and threw the sack stuffed with people at his feet.
“Brother, what an efficiency!”
Lu Bei gave a thumbs up. He was worthy of being the leader of the Xuanyin Division, and he abducted the county guard cleanly.
“It’s so efficient. As soon as I entered the house, the old pervert came up to me and touched my butt.”
Lu Bei touched his chin. He was a newcomer in the officialdom and a veteran in the workplace. Based on his many years of fishing experience, if the predictions were correct, the examiner of the imperial examination would be either the imperial master or the Taifu, or one of her people.
“Second brother, a local snake named Mu. Stupid people have stupid ways. Her plan has been implemented to some extent. We won’t cause trouble for her this time.” Hu San put the sack on his shoulders and gave Lu Bei a look. .
/Everything went according to plan.
“As it should be.”
Lu Bei nodded, and the two of them took Li Taishou and jumped up to fly towards the Valley of Immortality, which was eighty miles away.
There is a secret torture chamber built by Mu Jiling himself. Once all the people on the list are listed, a report can be sent to the top to escort the prisoners to the capital.
After galloping for thirty miles, two men in black blocked the road. Seeing this, Hu San decisively threw down a smoke bomb and took Taishou Li to escape and disappeared.
The two men in black did not stop them, released their own aura, and pressed towards Lu Bei: “Xiao Baodan realm, has the courage to stop two innates alone, Xuanyin Division is just like the rumors, and is willing to die.”
“Hey hey hey”
The smoke dissipated, Lu Bei drew his knife and came out, his eyes sparkled with golden light under the moonlight: “What a big mistake. It should be you two who are innate. Only after doubling the number of people and surpassing a big realm, you actually have the courage to stop me from hugging you.” In the Dan realm, cultivating immortality is not like this.”
The two Xiantian-level black-clothed men were stunned when they heard Lu Bei’s arrogant remarks. One of them smiled and said: “You’re right, it’s really unfair for Baodan to kill one Baodan for two Xiantian. Junior brother, if you can help me, take action and save this kid’s body.”
“I think so too.