“Chu Kuang is cold and ruthless, but Yu Daddy has always been so warm!”
“Chu Kuang, learn from Daddy Yu!”
“Old thief Chu Kuang is not worthy of our readers’ trust. Father Fish actually stood on the opposite side of Chu Kuang for us!”
“You can always trust Xianyu!”
These readers are so imaginative!
Xianyu also received countless compliments and angry praises from netizens by accident?
“If only these people knew the truth”
Jin Mu looked at Lin Yuan, his voice trembling.
“Absolutely not!”
Lin Yuan interrupted Jin Mu with an extremely firm attitude!
Chu Kuang is evil!
/Xianyu is just!
This will never change!
Netizens are scolding the old thief Chu Kuang, what does it have to do with me, Xianyu!
A restaurant outside Xingmang Entertainment.
Lao Zhou had lunch with Yang Zhongming and Zheng Jing.
Halfway through eating, the three people’s cell phones rang at the same time.
Taking out his mobile phone, Lao Zhou smiled.
Zheng Jing:
Yang Zhongming:
Xianyu posted the news, and the three people’s phones rang at the same time.
Because all three people have set special reminders for Xianyu on their tribes.
Zheng Jing looked suspicious: “Did Xiao Yuer listen to our words and ask Chu Kuang to change the plot?”
Old Zhou Shen agreed: “Maybe it has something to do with that batch of express delivery.”
Yang Zhongming said: “That’s probably the case.”
A warm current suddenly emerged in the hearts of the three of them.
Xianyu’s voice quickly spread throughout the entire Internet!
Chu Kuang’s fans were immediately excited when they saw the news. There was one after another celebration and discussion in the parades from various continents:
“I love Xianyu so much!”
“It turns out we are not alone!”
“Father Fish is also our comrade!”
“Fish Daddy is definitely our best foreign aid!”
“Teacher Xianyu should be the strongest foreign aid in history!”
“Who doesn’t know the relationship between Yu Daddy and Chu Kuang?”
“Even good brothers who are as close as brothers have spoken. How dare Chu Kuang refuse?”
Countless Sherlock Holmes fans rushed to Chu Kuang’s comment area to shout:
“Have you seen the old thief Chu Kuang!”
“Your good gay friend Xianyu even asked you to change the plot!”
“I’m just asking you if you want to change it!?”
“If you don’t change, this gay friendship will be over!”
“You may not care about us, but how dare you not care about Xianyu?”
“If you couldn’t bear it anymore, would Fish Daddy publicly force you to change the plot?”
“This wave, this wave is about annihilating relatives for the sake of justice!”
“Shadow didn’t say anything. It seems like we have to look at Fish Daddy at the critical moment!”
Readers keep the pressure coming!
The word “change” in Xianyu was screenshotted and spread by countless netizens!
Of course, this screenshot clearly appeared in the Chu Kuang Tribe comment area and directly received the highest number of likes!
For a while.
Everyone is staring at Chu Kuang