The feathers in front of him, Liu Changan tended to be down feathers. Only the structure of down feathers is close to this fan shape, but down feathers are very, very small feathers on birds. The comparison with feathers is like the comparison between human nose hair and hair. length.
If this is down feather, the size of this down feather is the same as a fan. Then it is not surprising that a bird with this kind of down feather should have at least one meter or even two or three meters of front feathers. The longest tail feathers are more than It’s possible that the bird’s body could be ten meters tall, so how big should it be?
At present, the largest bird in the world is the African ostrich. They can weigh more than three hundred kilograms, which is similar to many fat houses.
The combat effectiveness of a fat house is generally equal to 0.5 geese, which means that two fat houses can beat a big goose. A 300-pound African ostrich can run at a speed of 70 kilometers per hour and can be trampled to death with one kick. It’s a big goose, so if you encounter an African ostrich in a house with similar weight, you must not act rashly and be more careful!
/Although the African ostrich is large, it is nothing in Liu Changan’s experience, not to mention its feathers are very short, so the down feathers in Liu Changan’s hands must have nothing to do with ostriches.
/“Now the bird with the longest feathers in the world is the long-tailed chicken. Generally, its tail feathers can reach more than seven meters in length. Forty years ago, there was a long-tailed chicken with a tail feather that was 13 meters long. That is to say, if it stood On the fourth floor, its tail feathers can be dragged to the ground downstairs.” Liu Changan said to himself, absorbing his extensive knowledge about birds.
“I thought it was a peacock.” Li Hongfang said embarrassedly. It was probably not just him who thought so, but most people with little knowledge would think so.
Li Hongfang is not a bird researcher or lover, but she is a hobby and collector of Song Dynasty paintings. She told Liu Changan about this when Liu Changan sent her to pick up “Along the River During the Qingming Festival”.
Li Hongfang has appreciated many Song paintings. Flowers and birds in Song paintings are the pinnacle. Li Hongfang has seen quite a lot of birds among them. However, the birds in Song paintings are basically small birds. The biggest ones are eagles and peacocks, so peacocks are born. The impression that the tail feathers are the longest is also normal.
Long-tailed chickens are an artificial breed that was developed only in the last two to three hundred years. Li Hongfang has never seen them in Song Dynasty paintings, so naturally he is not familiar with them. Even if he saw them in a zoo, he would not be impressed. Everyone usually g