You must know that the current Yu Dynasty no longer only relies on Lin Yuan to provide assistance, they can even feed back some assistance to Lin Yuan.
For example, this time “sugar”.
Without the collective action of Yu Dynasty, Lin Yuan alone would not be able to create such a good atmosphere.
This made Lin Yuan have a firm idea in his heart:
He wants to turn all the members of Yu Dynasty into kings and queens of singing!
Before that, there will be no changes to the lineup of Yu Dynasty.
Jiang Kui is just the beginning.
Who is the next king or queen of singing?
Lin Yuan’s eyes began to wander over the data analysis tables of the Yu Dynasty singers.
All right.
As for who Yu Dynasty recommends to be the next king or queen of singers, Lin Yuan already has the answer in his heart.
His eyes seemed to be wandering, but in fact he was just thinking about what song to use to cheer people up.
I don’t know how long it will take.
Gu Dong, who was packing things next to him, suddenly said:
/“Representative Lin, did you have lunch at the company?”
“what time is it?”
“It’s half past eleven.”
“Then let’s go eat together.”
Lin Yuan stood up and said, he was also a little hungry.
“Representative Lin is treating me to a treat?”
“Thank you, Representative Lin!”
Gu Dong showed a happy smile.
Lin Yuan ate in the high-rise cafeteria, which tasted better than restaurants outside. She couldn’t usually go in.
Not long after, the two arrived at the cafeteria.
After the food was prepared, before Lin Yuan moved his chopsticks, a sound of music suddenly came to his ears:
“I just climbed a few mountains and captured a few demons.”
Looked up.
Lin Yuan discovered that “Journey to the West” was playing on the TV in the company cafeteria.
The shareholder next to him laughed and said: “It turns out that “Journey to the West” is also playing in the high-rise cafeteria. My dad follows this show every season. His favorite is the theme song, but personally I still prefer the part about the Kingdom of Women. The song “Daughter’s Love” that appeared, the song written by Representative Lin is so beautiful!”
The show was launched at the end of March this year and will have four seasons in total.
Seasons air every two months.
These songs are naturally written by Lin Yuan.
However, most of these songs only entered the season charts in the middle of the month, and their rankings are uneven.
Lin Yuan didn’t pay much attention.
You can’t deliberately change the broadcast time of movies or animations every time just to get a good ranking on the season list.
Fortunately, the response to these songs has been great.
Just like the high reputation for the shooting quality of “Journey to the West”.
Music, plot, special effects
All of them wowed the audience!
This achievement can be regarded as the most successful film and television drama in terms of reputation and ratings in recent years.
The only flaw in the whole show is that the cost recovery speed is too slow. After all, the investment is too high.