“Yi An, I’m sorry!”
/“Everyone owes Yi An an apology. He has never cheated on the second master from the beginning to the end. It’s because we didn’t watch the drama carefully enough. There are obviously many foreshadowings that have been laid long ago!”
“Shut yourself up on the spot!”
“I was so depressed after being treated in the middle of the night. I have watched countless TV series over the years. “Lotus Lantern” is the most cruel and sadistic TV series I have ever watched. I wanted to rush in and give Yang Jian a kiss. Embrace!”
“I’d like to remind you that it’s time to delete the post. We were all slapped in the face by Yi An!”
Damn, I almost forgot!
This reminder is very timely!
Netizens began to delete posts one after another!
During the broadcast of “Lotus Lantern”, countless people criticized the show for slandering Yang Jian.
Scold the screenwriter!
Scold the director!
Scold the actors!
Scold Xingmang!
A perfect image of an internet troll!
It wasn’t until this moment that everyone discovered that instead of discrediting Yang Jian, they actually created a second master who made everyone feel distressed!
this moment.
Everyone was moved upon hearing the news!
Everyone’s actions in deleting posts are so uniform!
Suddenly there was an unprecedented storm of deletions on the Internet!
God knows how netizens felt when they saw the various comments they had posted criticizing the show!
This is the scene of social death, right?
No matter how hard everyone sprayed before, how loud their faces are being slapped now!
Why don’t you delete the post at this time and keep it for the New Year?
Some people almost cried bitterly while deleting the post. It was obvious that they had not yet emerged from the shadow of “Lotus Lantern” that cured depression!
Some people rated this scene as “one of the five epic embarrassing scenes of Blue Star”.
Blue Star’s five epic embarrassing scenes, each case is embarrassing to the point of touching the ground. The common feature is that the number of people being slapped in the face is terrifying!
Last time.
Years later.
Many people still can’t forget that night, crying like a dog while frantically deleting posts.
at the same time.
A certain wealthy family.
In the empty living room, the past reflected in the Kunlun mirror completely overturned the plot of the previous ten episodes.
in front of the screen.
Ling Kong was dumbfounded.
His mouth suddenly became dry, his whole body felt inexplicably weak, and his nose felt a little sour.
My face also felt a little cold.
Lingkong subconsciously touched his face and realized that those were his own tears.
I actually
/Did you cry?
A strange numbness suddenly appeared on his face, as if someone had slapped him in the face countless times!
I was instantly surrounded by a huge sense of shame!
He actually cried when he saw it!
He actually feels sorry for Yang Jian!
He actually had such a shameful r