Jeffrey nodded, picked up a practice heavy ax, and swung it casually.
With just this wave, David couldn’t help but squint his eyes. He himself had a mastery level of 78% on the heavy axe. Jeffrey’s casual swing was already at the early stage of mastery of the heavy axe.
With a proficient level of mastery of heavy axes and a gap in strength, David would not be sure to defeat his opponent if he still used a warhammer to fight.
“Uncle Galen, I want to change weapons!” David turned to Galen and demanded.
“Okay, you decide for yourself!” Galen was stunned for a moment, but he still believed in David and agreed.
David walked to the weapons rack. The weapons here were quite complete, including all kinds of commonly used practice weapons.
He chose a spear for practice. The spear is two and a half meters long. Very few people would use it in a battle, because the spear is a long-handled weapon that requires coordination. In a one-on-one battle, Choosing a spear is extremely disadvantageous.
But David is different. His spear mastery has reached a perfect level and he is already a master of spear weapons.
“Please!” David returned to the field holding a spear, five meters away from Jeffrey, and said.
The holographic projection of General Alvin and Mervyn looked at David with great curiosity. This young genius gave them too many surprises.
It’s not that there are no soldiers who practice a variety of weapons, but if you want to be proficient in a certain weapon, you need a long time of practice and constant fighting. Therefore, most soldiers will still choose a single weapon, which is conducive to the weapon’s mastery. Specialization.
David chooses the spear now, which means that he is better at spear mastery than war hammer mastery.
At David’s current age, even the mastery of the peak-level warhammer is already extremely amazing. Is the mastery of the spear even more proficient than the mastery of the warhammer?
/Galen was also looking at David. He had always cared about David, so he knew that David used a second-grade spear in the battle with the peak armor.
It’s just that he doesn’t know how well David has mastered the spear, and he is extremely curious.
“Kill!” Jeffrey tightened his hands, grabbed the heavy ax with both hands, and locked eyes with David. He roared, and concentrated all his strength on the heavy ax.
He is a genius of the younger generation. His strength has reached 1,900 kilograms, making him almost a peak warrior. Coupled with his proficiency in mastery of heavy axes, he is not afraid of David’s shock power.
All skills are illusions in the face of absolute power. This is the firm belief in his heart.
He had just watched David’s battle, and he had already judged David’s strength in his mind. If Arlo could be stronger in strength, David would also be injured when the weapons collide.
David’s strength of 1,200 kilograms is already extremely strong for David’s age, but this is not a battle between David and his peers. Jeffrey is nearly thirty years old, and for Jeffrey To put it bluntly, t