“Yes, Generalissimo!” Adjutant Jekyll responded with a military salute.
Colonel Morrison was still in a fog until he left the Generalissimo’s office with Adjutant Jekyll.
“Adjutant Jekyll, why didn’t the Generalissimo pursue General David?” Colonel Morrison was very familiar with Adjutant Jekyll, and he asked quietly.
/As the intelligence officer of the federal command, Colonel Morrison must know the relationship between General David and General Andre, which will be beneficial to his future work.
“Since the Jiafei Consortium dared to provoke General David, they should naturally know the consequences. General David was obviously merciful this time because of military control. Otherwise, would there be anyone alive in Pohuaxing?
Besides, the fee-increasing consortium’s matter is not military, and the generalissimo does not need to investigate it. If there is an investigation, it must be investigated by the police! “Adjutant Jekyll replied with a smile.
Colonel Morrison’s eyes flickered twice. He understood the key point. The Fee Increase Consortium was not a consortium that sided with General Andre. Even the Yabu Consortium and the Sifu Consortium had thousands of years of history. People and influence are spread throughout the Interstellar Federation, and they can influence the Federation Command to some extent.
Generalissimo Andre had no resistance to the destruction of such a large consortium, but was happy to see it happen.
This will only weaken the power of the federal consortium and give more opportunities to other companies.
The power of the consortium is a stubborn problem in the Federation. They have cultivated a large number of talents of all kinds, and these talents have extended the power of the consortium in various positions.
“David is really annoying!” Marshal Andre shook his head and said helplessly to himself.
As early as when David appeared, Generalissimo Andre had guessed that such a day would come, but he did not expect that David would act so decisively.
David did not go to find trouble with the ‘Eternal Life Research Institute’, but directly eliminated the power and fee consortium behind the ‘Eternal Life Research Institute’.
Generalissimo Andre could not do much for David. He could only use the reasons of war to stabilize the transferred industries for David and prevent some people from escaping from uncontrollable control.
Just as he was thinking about it, a contact request appeared on his ID bracelet.
“President Arkwright, what’s the matter?” Marshal Andre asked with a faint smile.
On the other side of the communication channel of the identity bracelet was President Arkwright of the Yabu Consortium. Needless to say, he was afraid of contacting Generalissimo Andre at this time.
/“Marshal Andre, I think you already know what happened to the Jaffa Consortium. The assets of the Jaffa Consortium were transferred to the hands of Erto Fund. This