“Fairy fight!”
“Every dance is beautiful!”
“I don’t even know how to choose.”
“The choreography style of these top dancers is quite unified. They all choose this ethereal, fairy-like dance, following the peacock dance route before Xianyu.”
“Very classy!”
“The top dancers really did an extraordinary job. I feel like the show is on a higher level. I’m not disappointed at all!”
“This is the level of a top ten dancer!”
“As long as they are here, I will keep following this show!”
“Qin Zhou appears first!”
“Is Qinzhou taking the lead this time?”
“Father Fish’s dance is coming!?”
“Will Daddy Fish dance in person this time? Will it trigger the law that the first mover must lose?”
In fierce competition.
The first three groups have already been decided.
Behind the scenes of Anhong Newspaper.
Chen Yi walked onto the stage wearing a black coat.
The audience was stunned.
Why is Chen Yi alone?
Where are Chen Yi’s backup dancers?
“Even if Teacher Xianyu doesn’t go on stage, Yun Tongtong should go up and dance with the singer now. Is it possible to let Chen Yi dance in person?”
/“Is it true that Chen Yi is singing and dancing alone this time? Don’t forget that Chen Yi is from a girl group and her dance ranking is also very high!”
“I’ll wipe it!”
“It seems really possible.”
“Qinzhou is going to use a surprising move to win.”
“But can Chen Yi really do it alone?”
“Would Chen Yi’s stage alone be a little thin, and if she just sings and dances, it would be too cliché. Can she really beat the top foreign aids invited from the top ten dance charts from other continents?”
“Chen Yi’s nickname is Little Fox.”
“Although Chen Yi is a sexy little fox, no one has that high-end sense. In other continents, they are all very fairy-like.”
The audience wondered.
It is not difficult for the audience to guess that Chen Yi will use her best singing and dancing to complete the stage alone.
The issue is.
Does the singing and dancing routine of a girl group really work when they perform on this stage and face top dance leaders?
Amid the doubts of the audience, Chen Yi nodded.
The lights dimmed.
When the stage lit up again, the audience unexpectedly discovered that a three-finger-thick steel pipe appeared in the center of the stage.
“This is?”
“Steel Pipe?”
“Dance props?”
“What does she want to do?”
“Is there any pole-related dance?”
“never heard of that.”
“Is the dance designed by Xianyu?”
Not only was the audience surprised, but backstage, the top ten dancers on the dance list also looked puzzled, wondering what kind of medicine was sold in the gourd of Xianyu’s dance.
And in this accident.
Music rang out, like gunshots.
With a headset in his mouth, Chen Yi stood in front of the steel pipe and moved. He simply twisted h