“The shadow has mountains and rivers in its chest!”
“Everybody, celebrities, it turns out this is the shadow!”
“Even if I don’t look at other paintings, I can guarantee that Shadow’s painting can definitely be ranked in the top ten or even the top five of Blue Star. This painting is not rigidly bound to the ancient method. It integrates the painting styles of the times based on an in-depth understanding of traditional pen and ink language. It’s so innovative!”
Flower and bird painting area.
The painting is called “The King of Beasts”.
Animals can be classified into flower-and-bird paintings. The painting uses a cliff as the background. There are clumps of dead leaves swaying in the wind beside the cliff. There is a waterfall rushing down from the mountain in the distance. The valley is shrouded in clouds and mist. Looking down from the mountain, you can see at a glance No end in sight.
/“The brush strokes are delicate and the lines are smooth!”
“This painting completely overturned my understanding of shadows!”
“Although this tiger hasn’t moved, I seem to be able to hear it roaring loudly. What a shadow, what a king of beasts!”
“too low!”
“What’s too low?”
“The Literary and Art Association’s ranking of Shadow is too low, at least in the top ten!”
“With the expressiveness of this kind of picture, there is absolutely no problem in being in the top five, let alone the top ten. If you look at the whole work, the combination of movement and stillness, distance and nearness is just right. The contrast between the virtual and the real is like a violent storm coming. Such a tiger, This kind of tiger power is completely possessed by body and soul!”
Figure drawing area.
This painting is called “The Friendship between Gentlemen”.
The rocks are covered with wind and rain, and the green trees are dark and cold in summer. In the picture, several hermits are sitting next to the rocks. Birds are chirping on the rocks. There are quaint trees and bamboo branches. The two people are chatting and laughing, drinking wine and poetry, showing a carefree attitude. .
“Ancient style artistic conception!”
“The composition of the work is so concise, the brushwork and ink are mainly freehand, and the characters are free and lifelike.”
“What a beauty.”
“The friendship between gentlemen is as light as water.”
/“Using plain ink strokes, he depicts hanging branches, slender grass blades, gurgling water, and fresh scenery. Two hermits sit beside a stone in the shade of a tree, drinking wine and talking poems. They are happy and leisurely. It is really a life that people yearn for. .”
“Is this the work of a cartoonist?”
“Drawing comics is simply a waste of Ying Ying’s talent. Even if the top ten famous artists try such neat, refreshing and energetic Chinese paintings, they dare not say that they can win. I am completely convinced. Who will do it in the future? Dare to say that Shadow is a cartoonist and I am worried about him, at least he should put Chinese painti