“At least I can earn an extra two hundred thousand!”
Kaneki said confidently: “Of course, the premise is that the boss can win the top three. In addition, the boss’s ranking of writers in the field of short stories also determines the amount of royalties. If your ranking enters the top ten, we should be able to bid higher. Because besides tribes, there are also other platforms soliciting submissions from outside.”
/Tribe is the largest platform right now.
But apart from tribes, bloggers who have fallen behind have never given up their struggle and are still working hard to find a comeback. After all, customer competition does not happen overnight.
Now the Horde simply has the upper hand.
Jin Mu moved very quickly, because he had to release his new work in March, so he quickly reached an agreement with Tribe Literature on cooperation. As long as Chu Kuang can secure the top three in this wave, he can get an additional 200,000 yuan in royalties.
This is the importance of worth.
This is the confidence that Chu Kuang can ask the tribe to pay additional royalties when he publishes a new work!
It is also due to the eager attention of blogs and other platforms.
Because if they don’t agree to Chu Kuang’s request, what if they turn around and cooperate with the blog?
I have to guard against it.
Facts also proved that the tribe’s concerns were correct.
Because Jin Mu signed a contract for a new short story with the tribe on behalf of Chu Kuang, someone from the blog contacted him.
“The tribe hopes that you can cooperate with them. The remuneration is 300,000 yuan, plus the bonus.”
When Jin Mu mentioned this matter to Lin Yuan, the contract had already been signed.
no way.
Lin Yuan does not intend to break the contract, he still pays attention to the spirit of the contract, and the reputation of each vest is very important.
“Of course, I’m not advising you to break the contract.”
Kaneki smiled and said: “I was just thinking, is it possible to collaborate with the blog for the next short story?”
Lin Yuan was stunned for a moment, and then said: “We can consider it.”
He only has a temporary cooperative relationship with the tribe.
If the blog can offer a higher price, Lin Yuan can certainly consider publishing new works on the blog.
There are no permanent friends and no permanent enemies.
/Although Chu Kuang had helped the tribe fight against the tribe before, it didn’t mean that he couldn’t help the blog against the tribe.
It doesn’t count as repeated horizontal jumps.
Kaneki nodded: “I will keep in touch with the blog side for the next work. If they can contribute more, we will consider it.”
Speaking of this, Jin Mu said again:
“Because of the merger, there are more and more leading writers in various fields, and the tribe is much more selective about writers than before. Therefore, writers often publish their last work on the tribe, and then go to the blog for their next work. After Bian announced it, even the tribe itself couldn’t say anything more, as everyone is used