Jialan Temple is full of incense.
A good match is getting married, holding hands and looking forward to a long life; the wedding date is set, and the eternal alliance promises to solve a thousand worries.
Ten years later.
Ten thousand green mountains.
No one.
If love is divided into three categories, which one should I take?
The past seems to choke me with singing.
The endless sorrow of separation seems to be still there yesterday.
The sky was hazy.
Ruined walls.
This person has passed away.
The reed pipe is blowing horizontally.
The ancient temple also became more and more lonely.
His clothes were ragged and wrinkled.
The roots of old trees rotted in the rain.
Perhaps Nomura and the old grave in the rain are also watching with him, watching for that reunion that cannot span time and space.
Soon after.
There should be two tombs here.
The picture depicted by the music is clearly reflected in people’s hearts.
Those songs turned into falling raindrops and hit the audience.
/Some viewers came to their senses.
No matter how dull the audience is, they should come back to their senses at the end of Xia Fan’s sentence, “Listen to the sound of rain in Jialan Temple and look forward to eternity.”
What kind of musical instrument is Guan Te Niang’s?
Who says that classical style requires traditional instruments?
Isn’t this special girl an out-and-out classical style?
Audiences from all over the world were not spared at this moment and were all shocked!
/“Classic style!”
“This is classic style!”
“Ha ha ha ha!”
“I knew it!”
“Classical style songs are indeed the most authentic taste of Fish Daddy!”
“Although the instruments are not classical, this song has a more classical feel than Zhaozhou, which uses all classical instruments!”
“Xianyu is so awesome!”
“Zhao Zhou actually dares to play classical style in front of Xianyu. The effect of this show is amazing!”
The two commentators applauded vigorously, and the male commentator even roared with excitement!
“How come you lose when flying dragon rides on the face!”
“As expected of the ancestor of classical style!”
Xianyu did not disappoint everyone this time!
In the last round of the ancient style competition, the classical style song that everyone has been thinking about finally appeared!
This song is called “Fireworks Easily Cold”!
Perhaps the average audience cannot tell any professional knowledge at the composition level, but everyone can still hear the unique flavor of classical music.
Same as “East Wind Breaks”.
Same as “Blue and White Porcelain”.
The classical flavor created by the combination of lyrics and melody is really intoxicating!
Live broadcast rooms on all continents exploded!
And in Zhongzhou’s live broadcast room!
The two commentators stared blankly at the barrage filling the screen:
“Oh My God!”
“This fish!”
“Isn’t it too scary?”
“The style of this song is very similar to Zhao Zhou’s song, and it is obviously b