Abigail said calmly.
At this time.
From the highest position in the room, a voice suddenly sounded: “There is a guy named Xianyu on the coaching staff of the Qinzhou team. Please pay attention.”
“I know him.”
Abigail recalled the night in the Musikverein when “Nocturne” came out: “A very powerful young man.”
The voice said with a smile: “It’s enough for this kind of thing to happen once. The Blue Song Club must not let the higher ups down.”
“I’m Abigail.”
Abigail spoke as if giving the most powerful assurance.
“You all need to be in the preliminary team.”
In a certain room, Lin Yuan looked at everyone in the Yu Dynasty and said.
“Of course it’s okay to be on the list.”
“But it might be a little difficult for the representative to become an official team member. If it’s a gold medal or something.”
“Our strength is not yet close”
“Don’t expect too much from us.”
“I’m afraid only Jiang Kui and Yao Huo are sure to get results.”
Everyone feels guilty.
Although the strength of the Yu Dynasty group is good, they are really not outstanding at the Blue Song Conference.
The entire Yu Dynasty is on the level of Jiang Kui and Sun Yaohuo, and there is hope that they can achieve results in a game of this intensity.
Even if others can participate, they will be at the level of junior generals.
Lin Yuan was uncharacteristically firm and stared at everyone: “There is still half a month until the official selection begins. I will take time during this half month to arrange special training for you.”
Everyone was surprised.
The representatives seemed to have high expectations for everyone to participate in the competition.
Gritting his teeth, Chen Zhiyu suddenly said: “I understand.”
Several other people also looked at each other, and then nodded seriously: “Okay.”
this moment.
Everyone’s spirits seemed to have changed.
What everyone in the Yu Dynasty couldn’t see was that a few lines of blue subtitles appeared in front of Lin Yuan’s eyes.
Mission name: Blue Song Club
Mission content: Lead the Yu Dynasty and the Qinzhou team to achieve good results in the Blue Song Club. The rewards will be settled after the Blue Song Club.
/Mission reward: To be determined
Task notes: The teacher aura status is temporarily improved. When teaching others, the host will become a real strict teacher. The more strict you are on the players, the more you can stimulate the players’ potential, allowing the players to make progress in a short period of time.
Special effects props: Fish Dynasty limited edition singing performance improvement props now available in the mall
Although it was a mission where the reward was not clearly stated, Lin Yuan vaguely felt that this mission was definitely worth a try!
The system is quite reliable.
In order to make his mission go more smoothly, the system actually helped him temporarily upgrade his teacher aura, the kind that can stimulate a singer’s potential.
Such an opportunity is so rare.