“His comics and animations have been made one after another in recent years, and their influence in various continents is getting bigger and bigger. In the next few years, Shadow should be able to catch up in popularity, but status is a bit difficult to catch up with. After all, he is not omnipotent. painter.”
“Xianyu is very comprehensive.”
“Chu Kuang is also very versatile.”
“Shadow is still not comprehensive enough in the large field of painting, but I seem to have heard that Shadow seems to have painted traditional works, and has also received good reviews?”
“I did draw it.”
“Too few paintings.”
“Anyway, in the traditional painting circle, I have never seen Shadow’s name appear.”
Still not enough.
Through the discussions between the lines among netizens and his own summary of the shadow’s achievements, Lin Yuan did feel that it was a bit uninteresting.
I have to help Shadow increase his influence!
How to improve it?
Take the traditional route with the Huahun series?
to be honest.
Lin Yuan didn’t want to do this.
The Painted Soul series is really too precious, and things are rare and valuable.
Doing comics?
Give the comics gods a rest.
It’s better to continue making animated movies, since I’m a quick shooter anyway.
make up one’s mind.
Lin Yuan began to think about the subject of his next animated film.
at this time.
Jin Mu suddenly ran over excitedly:
“good news!”
“what’s up?”
“This wave of shadows is going to take off!”
“How to fly?”
“Which one?”
“Your “Doraemon”!”
Lin Yuan was stunned.
Blue Star wants to set up a global children’s channel?
Currently in need of ten or so cartoons?
Your own “Doraemon” has been selected?
The scent of prestige!
I like this kind of official promotion, the collection share of ten cartoons, if I eat it by myself
Low profile!
Hold it!
Chu Kuang’s “Fairy Tale Town” back then did not take up other people’s fairy tale collection promotion slots. Now that he is facing a similar situation, Shadow has to save some soup for other companies, otherwise he will be beaten sooner or later.
this moment.
Lin Yuan has already forgotten about “WALL-E”.
What kind of animated movie is this?
Next, let’s do some serialized cartoons!
Literary Society.
The announcement was made:
/“For the education and growth of children, we want to create a children’s channel to cultivate the habit of watching excellent animation works from an early age and create a correct aesthetic for them.”
“Cartoons have a huge impact on children.”
“Bad works will make children unable to help themselves learn to be bad.”
“Good works such as Shadow’s “Doraemon” are very good. We plan to put them on the newly established Blue Star Children’s Channel in the future.”
“Others have a chance too!”
“The selection will be open to all continents!”
“All animations that meet the standards can be submitted, and we will strictly screen them so that children can see truly high-quality animations!”
“I hope all parents will pay more attention!”
The Literar